2:10 AM

It seems worth mentioning that the GB vs DET hail mary highlight the NFL loves to show as an example of their fine drama was also the result of a phantom hands to the face call on the previous play.

As a Lions fan you can only see this shit play out so many times before you start to question why you bother to watch NFL Read more

1:42 AM

My tin-hat theory is that the NFL will not allow the Lions to win until they give back the Thanksgiving game so that the NFL can have it in a bigger market. 

12:58 PM

You’re so right...everything has become so pussified these days.  We got dinged all the time back in the 90s and nobody was ever worse off for it. Read more

12:34 PM

Sure, he has to retract his misuse of ‘concussion’ and ‘nerve damage’, but no one says a thing to the Lions about their use of ‘NFL Franchise’

9:33 AM

I could not follow it at all, and can’t tell how he admitted to what the lawsuit alleges. He definitely says he did the act, but he doesn’t say he did it without her consent. But its so hard to follow I have no idea if it actually implies that or implies that she was after a sexual relationship with him and he Read more

10:15 PM

So she never reported any of this to the police, went back several times after these incidents allegedly happened, and is now going public with a *civil* lawsuit when he is the most talked about athlete in sports at the moment?

Read more

1:44 PM

That was such a bad faith article. And now it looks even worse.

12:11 PM

I think it’s because it’s called “Date Rape” so everyone just assumes it’s pro date rape when it's actually pretty explicitly anti.

11:50 AM

As Rytlewski writes in his 40 Oz. review, the corny stoner bros—or at least the culture these archetypal bros are standing in for—are the ones who shout cheerfully along to the chorus of “Date Rape” and, as he puts it, are “guffawing at a joke you find appalling.” Like “Date Rape” itself, this is horrific. Read more

11:33 AM

So am I allowed to listen to Sublime or not?  The article isn’t clear and I want to make sure I’m legally protected against Pitchfork

11:11 AM

Totally agree. It has been shown that this is why lottery winners often end up broke, because both $35MM and $85MM are simply “more money than I could ever imagine.” And Welch does a fine job explaining his take, IMO. (Also, the teenager working the drive-thru at a French McDonald’s speaks at least three languages. Read more

10:45 AM

For me or you, there is no functional difference between the two.  If I had either amount, my coworkers would never see my ass again.

10:31 AM

It wasn’t great phrasing, but it doesn’t strike me as coming from a place of malicious or even casual racism. I think he’s just saying that life-changing amounts of money like that are inconceivably large to regular people. I mean, I’m a white dude from California, and I’m too poor to have any real grasp of the Read more

7:06 PM

But there’s a problem. It’s 2018 and I don’t need or particularly want media to humanize Nazis. I acknowledge that history is complex, and I’m glad that Battlefield treats it that way. But The Last Tiger’s extraordinary production value is hell-bent on telling the tale of “the Good German” while glossing over the Read more

12:18 PM

We’ll get right on caring about all 18 full time residents of the UP. Any minute now...