6/15/21 6:35PM

We call it the Zelda cycle. Every game in the series goes through phases of being loved, hated and loved again by the vocal fanbase.

6/15/21 2:42PM

Absolutely. A little bummed this thing probably can’t run DX but I would’ve loved to have this the other day sitting at the mall while the lady love tried clothes.

5/20/21 11:28AM

I think there’s some dancing around the issue here. Wasn’t part of the concern around casting/making the Ancient One Tibetan about how China would politically respond? Read more

5/13/21 5:38PM

Counterpoint: the best part of GI Joe was the ninja stuff and every time they threw in nanobots and power armor I completely zoned out. Read more

5/06/21 8:22PM

So you ate less and moved more lol. Honestly, you likely didn’t lose as much muscle as you think and just lost “size” from the body fat that was covering your muscles. You leaned down. I’m jealous, I learned down but I lost A LOT of size. Studies show it takes FAR less intensity and volume to maintain (or recover) Read more

4/29/21 5:25PM

Arranging books by colour is book arranging for people who do not read!

4/22/21 1:15PM

Oh yup totally. A hyper elite will look better natural than 95% of the population on a gram of exogenous hormones and be stronger too. Some folks are just that lucky. Im just saying unless you’re competing in a drug tested league if you’re a top tier powerlifed you’re using. Why? Everyone else is. Read more

4/22/21 11:07AM

They’re also hyper elites who are using a lot of illicit compounds. Go to a conventional gym where 95% of the population lifts and the folks that self-identify as powerlifters are the heavier boys in the gym. I’m 6'5, natural, and when I am beach lean I am around 195 lbs that’s at my peak, I don’t have shitty genetics Read more

4/22/21 11:02AM

Cardio is for your heart health and endurance. Strength training is for building size and strength. Nutrition is for losing weight. Read more

4/12/21 3:42PM

It used to be fats, then it became sugar, than it became carbs in general, now some low carbers are working to get people afraid of PUFAs, but the reality it is... all of the above. You just have to look at the Standard North American diet. Read more

3/22/21 4:05PM

It isn’t about quality journalism it’s about getting you to click on the article. I did it. I probably have an addiction to garbage articles.

3/09/21 6:20PM

Fairlife Skim is an S-Tier item. Very few items are S-Tier but Fairlife Skim is.

3/09/21 5:14PM

This. A protein shake is better than drinking a pop sure but 30 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber from a whole food source is light years better than a protein powder and fiber supplimwnt. 

3/09/21 9:31AM

Are there really people who think adding syrups and whipped cream are healthy and/or inconsequential additions to this? I can’t imagine anyone drinking protein shakes is under this illusion. Read more

2/22/21 10:32AM

Don’t judge me for sniffing some nose torque before I knock out an important email

2/18/21 11:56AM

Not true actually. There is no “wasted” protein all of it will be digested and used for muscle protein synthesis or energy depending on the bodies needs. Its like saying if you eat 400 grams of carbs in a sitting that we don’t use all the carbs. It doesn’t work quite like that. Read more