Makes Me Wonder Why I Even Bring The Thunder
Yesterday 10:40PM

I think it’s pretty important that states be able to establish guidelines for teachers. For example, mandating that biology classes teach the theory of evolution and that they not teach creationism/“intelligent design. But I agree that this seems different, since the legislature seems to be demanding that teachers Read more

Yesterday 7:37PM

Well I’m happy to say that here in Tulsa the school district created a curriculum specifically on the Tulsa Race Massacre, which my youngest sister helped produced, and despite the law the governor put in place banning CRT being taught in any class (including college) the Tulsa Public School District threw up the Read more

Yesterday 2:46PM

This is the goal - the more of our shame they can bury, the easier it’ll be to implement openly racist agendas. The Republican Party will stop at nothing to undo civil rights - hell, I’d even go as far as to say that they hope to someday reinstate slavery (they’ve already effectively succeeded at reinstating Jim Crow Read more

Yesterday 12:26PM

Goldwater and Reagan mortally wounded the traditional Republican party and Trump gave it the coup de grâce.

Yesterday 7:43AM

I saw “In the Heights” in a movie theater yesterday. I went alone, wore my mask through the whole movie and made sure I wasn’t sitting within 10 feet of anyone. Read more

Yesterday 5:42AM

Yes, but the GQP is undoing everything to make those improvements disappear into thin air the way the ballots did in 2018. Believe that!

Saturday 9:03PM

I agree. There’s a frenzied quality to all this racist anti-democratic scheming, and it’s surely because the clock is running out on white hegemony. Read more

Saturday 7:50PM

Doesn’t even begin to describe how white farmers fucked over black farmers recently. 

Saturday 3:44PM

The thing I never understood is how you can be such a blatant piece of shit and still think you’re somehow in the right.” Read more

Saturday 1:44PM

“Ikeria and Layla won based on a calculation of quality point average or Q.P.A., a system of calculating grades that gave extra weight to advanced placement and dual credit courses. But, it turned out, Dominic and Emma were the top two finishers based on unweighted grade point average. Read more

Saturday 11:13AM

There’s a “good chance,” yes. But we all know how many times that hasn’t worked out.

Saturday 5:31AM

Don’t forget slipping in “Africans sold Africans”, because racists would like nothing more than to convince future generations of black people that slavery and Jim Crow were their ancestors’ fault, and not the fault of white supremacists and enslavers - Read more

Friday 11:10PM

The first time I heard about Critial Race Theory was when I was getting my doctorate. I got my Masters in Teaching History in NJ, never heard of it then.

Friday 12:47PM

Oh I agree, in my experience women cops and black cops are the worst because they got some shit to prove to the white boys club but still. Out of the 1800 cops that CPD employs, among widespread reports of roaming gangs of cops randomly assaulting peaceful citizens and they manage to snag only 3 and 2 are women? Read more

Friday 12:43PM

You want that charge, dereliction of duty, to stick. That way they can never be put in a sworn position again. No hopping to the next dry, dusty town to be an officer nor can they goto another state. Read more

Friday 5:58AM

It’s been more than a week. Can’t dismiss or even find the garbage I can see responding in my notifications. Dumpster fires we can’t even put out. FIX KINJA!