Makes Me Wonder Why I Even Bring The Thunder
Yesterday 2:48PM

It’s not even that I would normally disagree with you, it’s that I was just looking at https://www.theroot.com/4-billion-in-federal-relief-for-black-farmers-on-hold-1847085802 and... I expect such terrible things.

Yesterday 2:22PM

Not that your question isn’t well founded, but it’s worth noticing that while Cruz is ostensibly doing Trump a solid, a successful suit would remove a limitation on what the Cruz campaign can do to enrich it’s namesake, while attacking good governance reforms and election law is simply on brand for the GQP. 

Sunday 8:03PM

I really like this joke, but I think you should tweak the punchline, perhaps: “Now, kids, instead of learning something called ‘Critical Race Theory,’ today’s lesson is ‘How racism is the correct lens through which one can critically examine our state legislature’.”

Sunday 4:41PM

That would read so much more like a high-minded ideal if it wasn’t literally in response to a discussion on how these disputed provisions were in part to redress the fact that there had been significant inequality in the application, benefits and protections (and in some cases the actual text) of the laws themselves, Read more

Sunday 2:36AM

Court documents also reveal that Evans intends to plead guilty in his next hearing on July 14 before U.S. District Court Judge Rebecca Grady Jennings. Kentucky state law requires an officer to lose their certification if they plead guilty or are convicted of a felony offense. [Joe - above post] Read more

Saturday 11:20PM

I kind of feel like the author of this piece should have done a quick search of past entries, as y’all have a good writer who has pretty much been making the case that the LMPD is one of the worst departments in the nation. https://www.theroot.com/search?blogId=1635821517&q=louisville%20metro%20police%20department Read more

Saturday 10:45PM

On the one hand, my knee-jerk is that these were road rage, siren and someone who shouldn’t have a badge incidents, repackaged as “accidents” for the file and insurance purposes. On the other, if it was just that this cop can’t drive, he’d make it through the first couple rounds of purges I’d make to most any police Read more

Saturday 7:35PM

In fairness, it’s the “conservative” activist groups running these suits who have an agenda and went plaintiff shopping for these assholes. It’s the same as the college admissions suits, the point isn’t the facts, it’s to set precedents against affirmative action. Read more

Saturday 2:02PM

As The Root reported, there is photographic evidence that may be inconsistent with the answers Mr. Mitchell gave, under oath, during https://dictionary.findlaw.com/definition/voir-dire.html. Sure, it looks like its about some pure bull, but how does attacking fundamental protections (even for us) in our legal system Read more

Friday 8:45PM

Given that Chauvin is guilty as sin, in the unlikely event of a new trial, there’s a pretty good chance that jury finds him guilty, too. I’m more concerned about Mr. Mitchell, and hope that he doesn’t fall victim to the Copaganda Contingent.

Friday 7:37PM

It appears that at least HuffPo and Ebony posted similar pieces at approximately the same time, so I think we’re seeing how this administration’s communications staff is thinking about engagement more than anything here. Also, (admitting that I have not been impressed by the press and its coverage of this Read more

Friday 5:54PM

As with so much of the culture wars, I think it’s less about what the “conservatives” say the fight is about, and more what they seem to be trying to accomplish. From here, it looks like a lot of the CRT battle is about preemptively attacking various definitions of racism and the idea one should feel bad about when it’ Read more