Mar 6

I mean if you are going to make a pun, at least get it write.

Feb 11

I don’t say political shit on here often, because I’m a middle aged suburban white dude, and nobody needs my opinion, but fuck it.  How does everyone not get it?  You’re not going to out-petty trump.  His followers are people who say “a Swedish teenager made a mean face, better start a tire fire to own the libs.”  Read more

Dec 2

Does the AV club have to be so damn politically correct and be fair even to average uninventive music because “the people have spoken” They speak a lot at the Dollar Store too. I remember when critics here actually critiqued. Now it is anathema to not be balanced and fair so the reviews ends up lackluster and saying Read more

Nov 25

In the statement, Nunes also says he intends to sue the Daily Beast and CNN “soon after Thanksgiving,” but until papers are filed, it’s just blustering. Read more

Nov 7

My personal peak-tv bubble has already burst. As the shows that I started following 5+ years ago have begun ending, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to commit to anything new. There is just too much to choose from, and not enough information out there about each one to help. I’ve more often gone back to channel Read more

Nov 5

An educated, informed populace is a threat to authoritarian regimes, and less easy to control. Free access to information is also a threat. Librarian here.

Oct 28

With nipples!  But without them, breasts would be pointless.