4:17 PM

Tulsi Gabbard as a running mate would do nothing but ensure no matter which party wins, we would have an unacceptable amount of Russian influence in the White House until at least 2024. 

3:18 PM

I’m just continually, what’s the word I’m looking for, oh yeah FURIOUS that people with regular internet access are so ignorant about Sanders’ record. They don’t want to know. They want to remain comfortably ignorant. 

3:07 PM

Let’s all also remember his Queens “for the people rally” and not only how it was almost all white in a gentrified part of town but how they held it in front of a public housing project where the majority of the residents were of color and didn’t let anybody there know about it until a scant two days ahead of time. Read more

2:36 PM

It is a good faith critique. That’s what those chapo trap house people call themselves. They’re (cth) a popular podcast with the (former) Splinter crowd and they can all fuck off.

2:29 PM

It’s also kind of rich Saikat Chakrabarti kicked Uygur out of Justice Democrats claiming they believe in women’s and minorities issues. He’s the douchebag that went after Sharice Davids, a Native American woman and said she was a white supremacist enabler while he was AOC’s chief of staff.  So he can eat a bag of Read more

2:12 PM

“God forbid we hold men responsible for the things they do when they are full grown adult men in their forties” Fixed that for you. 

1:47 PM

I’ll gladly vote for Sanders if he’s the nominee, but this is bad, and as the piece points out, absolutely unnecessary on his part. It would appear (based on this, his unwillingness to criticize Tulsi Gabbard and not endorsing the Warren-backed Cisneros,) that his endorsements come down to pure personal loyalty. On Read more

1:38 PM

The Harvard men’s soccer team thing was three years ago, which I guess is “half a lifetime ago” if you’re six years old. Though if that’s the case, why are you posting here and not bugging your parents for overpriced toys that you’ll never play with?

1:34 PM

God forbid we question whether an apology is actually “heartfelt” when they have continued to display the very behavior they are purporting to apologize for. 

1:32 PM

My favorite bad endorsement of his is Tim Canova. That dude has been trying—unsuccessfully—to unseat Rep. Wasserman-Schultz for years now. He’s also a Seth Rich truther. Bernie now acts like he doesn’t know the guy. Read more

1:14 PM

Another unforced error was when he endorsed an anti-choice candidate for mayor of Omaha, Nebraska. There was no reason for him to get involved in that race, but he went out of his way to show that he’s cool with politicians who would vote against abortion rights.

1:08 PM

It’s sad that you hear the criticism that he doesn’t stand up against sexism or racism specifically that way. 

1:04 PM

Half a lifetime ago? Cenk said some of this shit 5 years ago. Just because he endorsed Bernie and Bernie endorsed him doesn’t make him a GOOD candidate. Especially to take over a seat vacated by Katie Hill. It’s shameful.

12:54 PM

Cenk has a consistent problem with his past positions. He also was historically a Armenian Genocide denier. His show the Young Turks is also named after a ethno-nationalist group that committed the genocide and forced mass migrations of non-Turk people from Anatolia.

11:53 PM

Not only that, but many of these evangelical Christians believe that the Second Coming is nigh. Furthermore, they can bring it about through their actions. Even worse, many of them are in our government right now. Read more

4:13 PM

Pretty sure it was because the lyrical content of “Blurred Lines” was kinda rapey.