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Oct 9

I’d like to thank you for not raiding a female companion’s hellaciously expensive products for a week and than bitching that they aren’t working.

Sep 3

Is Jez really doing a story about “how will the short little black lady swim”??? About the most amazing U.S. amateur female athlete? Yikes.

Aug 12

Every part of Qanon is dumber than every other part of Qanon. It’s fractally idiotic.  

Aug 6

Justin I believe there has been a misunderstanding here. Trail Rated on modern Jeeps simply mean it will safely navigate shopping center parking lots and the occasional drive over a curb or parking block. 

Jul 31

^This. I thought VR was still years away, then I got a Quest for my Bday. Still plenty of room for improvement, but it is here. 

Jul 30

Well put. The Quest is something very different and much more advanced than any of those other examples (and happens to incorporate many of those same technologies into one seamless package). The proliferation of great third party games and experiences in the Quest store is evidence enough that this platform is taking Read more

Jul 30

The Quest is a bigger deal than everything you listed. AR has NEVER been a real big deal, since no one has a great implementation of it yet. 3D movies that weren’t actually FILMED in 3D were always going to be garbage. Read more

Jun 21

The thing is they never capped ticket sales so all those fake sales did not, in any way, limit the actual turnout. It gave the campaign false confidence, yes, but is not responsible for the empty room. So they got trolled *and* still didn’t have supporters show up. 

Jun 9

So, what I’m getting from this is, “It’s okay, because they were following orders.” Read more

May 26

While I am honored that you took time away from your busy schedule of setting peasants and their thatched roof cottages alight, I must inform you of your mistake. Read more

May 24

I give them A for effort. Really, it’s as good as anyone could do today. However, the golden age Warner cartoons were of their time, a once-in-a-lifetime unplanned confluence of corporate inattention, adequate budget, and stellar genius writers, animators, artists, voice actors and musicians; we will never see their

May 22

Yep, it's compressed "miracle fruit". It works by binding to the taste buds, and in the presence of low ph food (acids like lemon juice) it activates the sweet receptors. Cool stuff.