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5:17 AM

Precisely. The scanners stent so new, it’s the magical makeup printer thingy that's the special sauce here.

3:38 PM

This is A+++ journalism. Thanks to your level of detail I’m sorry to say I could picture the whole thing. It was viscerally upsetting. Well done!

6:38 PM

I was well aware that this was not a positive fashion choice, but we shot this episode in late spring and it was absolutely FREEZING that day. I couldn’t wear a jacket because it muffled the microphone, then after the shoot I spent like an hour in the hottest shower I could handle.

4:47 PM

Good eye! No, the shoes are still going strong. I’ve heard about those issues but so far mine have held up, possibly because I don’t ride all that much these days. I really love them, though. 

12:18 PM

Unfortunately, I haven't tried indochino so I can't compare them. I'll have to give that a go sometime.

4:03 AM

I’m on board with this, generally, but I say they should announce the pact before February and pledge that whichever of them is behind in the polls after February then the front-runner will choose the other as their VP. That should help to appease both the Bernie and Warren die-hards. I’d be ELATED to vote for that

2:48 PM

I actually wondered about that. Like, if I start getting gigantic, old-man ears, will I need to have them enlarged? Only time will tell...

8:03 PM

So, I don’t know what would qualify a person as an expert, but I did go to grad school for acting and spent 4+ years in voice and speech classes. So my ear may not be “expert,” but it is trained, and to my ear, yes, Mikey sounds a hell of a lot like Kyrie. And yes, the low bitrate of a phonecall will strip most of the

11:37 AM

I’m really hoping that the “vaporizer” mentioned in this story is for weed, and not just candy-flavored nicotine, but who knows.