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Jul 30

For me it varied a lot between games. Some didn't bother me at all and some were horrendous. I also got more tolerant the more I used it. Your mileage may vary.

Jul 25

Follow me here. What if it was the aliens who brought us COVID? And when they land they’re, like, “Did you like our present? What!? You guys are allergic?? Oh my god I’m so embarrassed...”

Jun 9

76 percent of Americans saying racism and discrimination are both a “big problem” and 57 percent of Americans saying that police officers treat white people better than black people. Read more

May 30

FWIW: They actually were with CNN, and Blumenthal has (sort of) been apologizing all morning. But I have zero doubt that kind of fuckery IS out there.

May 26

Except the high courts are filling with people he appointed. 

May 25

Could it also please integrate Google Voice finally? I’m dyin’ over here.

May 23
Save became a competitive game to see how often I could get the birds to chirp. It made me more agitated whenever the rain sounds got heavier. Read more

Apr 16

Ahhh, interesting. Kind of like those wire cams in the NFL/FIFA. Thanks!

Apr 16

Okay, something I don’t get about this: How can we aim it? Or rather, can we aim it? Most of the radio telescopes I know of rotate, so you can choose the part of the sky you want to listen to. If you’re using a crater as a dish, though, does that mean it just points at whatever that part of the moon is pointing at? I Read more

Apr 1

That’s exactly what I was thinking. And that last photo is chilling. That's a picture of a broken system failing its most vulnerable citizens.

Mar 6

Oh man, I was the only kid I knew who went with the TG16 instead of Sega or Nintendo. I even bought the CD-ROM system. Ys Books I and II were my favorite RPGs ever. Splatterhouse, Bonk... Damn, I think I kinda need this.

Feb 20

Eh, not exactly. As the guy who used to review all of the HTC devices for Gizmodo, I would say the larger problem was that they had an amazing breakthrough device with the HTC One, and then just kind of failed to innovate after that. They went for gimmicks instead of things people actually wanted and needed and they Read more