Brendan O'Connor
Reporter, Special Projects Desk

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Feb 16 2018

That Scocca Jalopnik piece reads like the backstory to developing his alter ego, Rom Romberts.

Nov 13 2017

This is an important article and a great point but still not a good enough reason to completely whitewash Gaby’s actions. Read more

Jun 12 2017

Fuck the Heritage Foundation. Fuck them straight to hell. They have been the shadow government behind the GOP since Reagan. Read more

Jun 12 2017

Seems about right for DeMint. Personally I never had much respect for Heritage (their “good” years were well before I would have encountered them) but he trashed even the few areas they still tried to play serious scholars and turned it into yet another dark money far-right partisan group, studies and facts be damned. Read more

May 1 2017

I, for one, am tired of the constant globalist attacks upon my corn chute.

Mar 3 2017

Our company went from hundreds of mostly permanent workers (although they still made barely minimum wage) to almost all temp workers as well. Looks like low pay, no benefits, no job security and unstable work hours are the wave of the future for American workers.

Jan 20 2017

Here’s some love for you all!!! Richard Spencer getting sucker punched.

Jan 16 2017

Because White Hart Lane is 118 years old.