Jun 12 2017

Less than an hour later Antoine Walker was seen frantically running around the surf in futile desperation.

May 23 2017

Only one dude in the whole stadium hadn’t noticed it—drone crashes right into him.

May 11 2017

Ray Lewis, Leonard Little, and Adrian Peterson thank the NFL for drawing this line in the sand

Apr 27 2017

Outraged fans and alumni were quick to condemn Skoff’s actions as the most horrific and disgraceful thing that a member of the PSU athletic community has ever been involved with.

Feb 22 2017

The best is Vitale screaming “I can’t believe it” like an average Syracuse team beating an over ranked Duke squad at the Carrier Dome is some kind of “Miracle on Ice” like upset.

Feb 13 2017

Joe Paterno’s son is already denying he knew anything about this.

Dec 21 2016

Oh come on. Let’s not all be coy here. The Iowa player rebounded the ball with four seconds left and tried to do the sportsman-like thing and stand there and let the clock run out. But the North Dakota player rushed him and ripped the ball out of his hands. It’s pretty clear that that’s the issue, not the fact that Read more

Dec 2 2016

I’ve finally deciphered the headline at the start of the newscast: “Local Sports Hero Now As Tall As Hospital”

Nov 29 2016

I like how rural white that want manufacturing jobs to return are delusional, but people who want $15 an hour for unskilled labor are righteous.

Nov 17 2016

No way? Bush did too!

Nov 13 2016

Unfortunately that was also the funniest part of tonight’s episode.

Oct 13 2016

“calling for help probably only made Kobe madder.” Read more

Oct 4 2016

Yep, they sure were...and they promptly got swept by the Diamondbacks, who were also in the playoffs. Read more

Jul 12 2016

Wes Welker then went home and gave a similar interview to his desk lamp.

May 27 2016

Fuck me this team is good. If there’s such a thing as a one-sided seven game series, this was it. The Lightning were the better team for all of game one most of game four (but still nearly blew a four goal lead) and that was it. As a Lightning fan, knowing they lost to clearly the better team doesn’t exactly make me Read more

May 26 2016

Brown: And here are the “Lexus Keys to the Game.” Read more

May 26 2016

I like how visibly uncomfortable and nervous his partner was while sitting shotgun as he went on this long winded rant. Obviously not as uncomfortable and nervous as he’d be while riding shotgun with Tony LaRussa, but still.

May 26 2016

Oh, so when La Russa squeezes into a booth unannounced, he’s “defending the truth.” But when I do it, I’m “drunk” and “not welcome in this IHOP anymore.”