Chris Braak
Dec 19 2014

Things I learned about Reindeer/Caribou from my short experience helping wrangle them for a Xmas Celebration. Read more

Oct 24 2014

I've been visiting this comment for years. Thank you for raising the bar.

Mar 7 2014

I think the persistent tragedy of Zack Snyder is that he desperately wants to make movies that are thoughtful, politically sharp, and feminist, but also he is an idiot.

Mar 5 2014

I submit to my husband. And he submits to me, too. And together, we submit to Jesus. Read more

Aug 20 2013

I mean, it's got all the HALLMARKS of something that's awesome — lobster with a switchblade, buzzsaw guitar, bearshark, Billy Zane has a ninja sword and flies into space on a rocket Segway. Objectively speaking, these things are all RAD AS HELL. Read more