Ben Popken
Mar 13 2014

Two of my friends own the affected vehicles.

One owns a Cobalt and has had no issues thus far, but I've been keeping her posted on the developments.

However, my other friend owns a Pontiac G5 and has had ignition problems in the past and only found out about the recall from my sharing these stories on Facebook. She Read more

Mar 13 2014

One of those compaints is probably mine... I could pull the key out of the ignition of my 06 Cobalt when it was still running. I did have the cylinder replaced by the dealer via warranty though... but never really trusted it after that.

Sep 22 2013

Someone remarked the other day that I was "glowing and radiant", and I was like "Thanks! It's this new tampon I'm using. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. I'm worth it."