Bob Briggs
10:14 AM

Can’t wait for all the Atlas Shrugged assholes to show up and start yelling “if they don’t like the tasks, they don’t have to do them, bootstraps!” or some shit like that. The big takeaway for me is that there is that there are people who have to depend on this to support themselves because our society leaves them few Read more

11:13 AM

This guy does not give a single glorious fuck.

6:28 PM

Okay Siri, “Where is the lie at?
Siri, “I don’t know how to help with that”

1:48 PM

The next Democratic President, if we are fortunate to have one, is going to have to club the vicious republican minority to death. That means going after all of the criminality, bribery and treason, that weasels like Moscow Mitch and his partner in crime, Elaine Chao, personify. If that means that complicit Democrats Read more

12:40 PM

The irony being his crack(head) legal team is sure to put on such a shit show that it’s in Trump’s best interest that it happens when no one’s watching TV.

10:43 AM

Akeelah’s death is one of many that should have convinced the police to never pursue in a residential zone. I don’t care what they want the person for; you can’t justify the risk to innocent bystanders. Nobody should die because a cop really wanted to bust someone for running a stop sign or whatever traffic violation Read more

2:14 PM

Being a kid in the 1980s was great. No one took video of all the stupid shit we did, all the things we set on fire, all the things we blew up... 

6:08 PM

Lol. Real talk though I figure white people’s next move is to make MLK white. They slowly alter some footage, someone will put out a dubious book, Hollywood will turn it into a movie and next thing you know MLK out here looking like Mel Gibson’s Jesus. When black people complain they’ll say we obssesed with race. Read more

5:25 PM

“White people love to quote King because he is a mythical figure who has been whitewashed by the very version of America that Kirsanow wants to perpetuate.”

I imagine in 2,000 years MLK’s existence will be debated by intellectuals as merely a metaphor for human progress. Believers will remember MLK as a benevolent Read more