Bob Briggs
10:38 AM

Impeachment, followed by convicting them all is the only way to get past this. The Reagan administration leaned on pardoned Nixon officials. The W Admin leaned on pardoned Reagan and Nixon officials. The Trump admin leaned on some war criminals Obama decided not to prosecute in order to promote unity. Read more

10:32 AM

To be perfectly honest, I think they are trying to engineer things so that there is no “after.” Between gerrymandering and the Senate small state bias and voter suppression and all, they are trying to engineer a one-party-rule. And we have seen this happen in Hungary, in Turkey, in Poland, where supposed democracies Read more

4:10 PM

Verified that you can, indeed, scrap them, though it is not directly to resources. You get some valuable trade goods with no other purpose than to be sold, and upgrade modules that I *think* are commensurate with the rank of the ship being scrapped.  you can, of course, install those and then scrap them, thus getting Read more

4:29 PM

Jeez, I hope so.  Of my 4 ships, I fly one of them about 99% of the time.  And I avoid ship distress beacons like the plague.  There is just no upside.

4:19 PM

Not quite free... I mean, if he leaves the country, he gets extradited to the Hague pretty quick.  But it’s a very big prison cell...

4:18 PM

AMEN!  And let’s not forget Iran Contra. at least some of those crusty old traitors are still alive.

1:45 PM

“This all sounds well and good, but I wonder if the fact that Popeyes has yet to remove their foot from the collective chicken industry’s neck was in any part a small motivation for Chick-fil-A to do the right thing.” Read more

12:02 PM

The problem with that is that the morons close ranks and defend each other, if they are powerful enough. See Trump, Donald, and the ever more stupid defenses of his Ukrainian extortion ad solicitation of bribes.

12:00 PM

But wait, under the new Republican rules of conduct, he shouldn’t be charged, because he didn’t carry out his attack. They are loving them some Sideshow Bob defense when it comes to the Ukrainian extortion scandal.

3:02 PM

I was thinking of her on reading the article. She’s French, though, and the French allow their black people ice skates, to extend Michael’s metaphor...

9:53 AM

I recognize the importance of these proposals, why they are so sweeping, and why they are absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, I also realize that they are impossible. Read more

10:06 AM

Which is why the only thing that gets the NRA types to question the 2nd amendment is seeing armed BLACK people.  Remember Ronald Reagan came out against open carry when it was the Black Panthers doing it...

1:12 PM

Well, in Virginia in 2004, I was told at the polls that apparently I was deceased, and had to cast a provisional ballot. I had moved (within my polling district) in 2003, so it is possible that they sent correspondence that didn’t get forwarded, but it is my experience (polling size 1) that you just find out when you Read more

11:13 AM

I played a Howling Mine mill deck back in the Unlimited era. (Also played a mana burn deck... but that dynamic has been removed)  I like an Infect deck nowadays (which also circumvents life decks). It absolutely IS an honorable way to win, because the rules allow it. Building a deck is a balancing act, and it is not Read more