Uhh, Jackie Kennedy Onassis Had the Hots For Alec Baldwin and Tried To Date Him in the 90s?

OK, so there’s this guy named Jim Hart who just wrote a memoir. I don’t know much about him (beyond the fact that he used to be married to Carly Simon), but he claims to have been good friends with Jackie Kennedy Onassis back in the day, and his Just Kids-looking book—which has an introduction by Carl Bernstein and a…

Katy Perry Asks to Be Let Out of Ryan Phillippe’s Basement, Ryan Responds 'Never'

On Monday morning, we shared a tweet in which actor and frequent gym visitor Ryan Phillippe set the record straight with the public and said that he is NOT nor has he EVER BEEN dating “Chained to the Rhythm” singer Katy Perry. “I AM NOT DATING KATY PERRY. BARELY KNOW HER,” he tweeted. “PLEASE STOP FLYING HELICOPTERS


Unsolved Mysteries Is Now Streaming On Amazon Prime, In Case You'd Like to Have Nightmares Tonight

While scrolling through the overwhelming tapestry of mostly unrecognizable cover art on Amazon Video last night, my eyes came to a stop at a row containing nothing but images of Robert Stack. “Wait a second,” I thought. “Could this really be happening?” After taking a few moments to confirm, I learned that a dream I…