Sep 4

I don’t know if this helps, but two out of three of you have aged well.

Jul 16

Every once in a while there’s a contestant that really plays along and feigns a bit of “ow that’s hot!” when they get splashed.  I appreciate that.

Jul 13

I like to think he's playing the same bank manager in that and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

Jul 8

why is he charging money for this when you can get the exact same experience by knocking down the funko pop shelf at your local hot topic for free?

Apr 24

This was incredible. This arc is on track to be the best one the show ever did.

Apr 21

Genuinely baffling premise and trailer. Well, Lauren Lapkus deserves to hang out in Hawaii for a few months for free so maybe it was worth it. Just wish Hollywood would cast her in roles worthy of her comedic talents  

Feb 7

Overwatch is one of my go-to games, but I almost exclusively play Arcade modes these days. If you don’t already do that it’s probably worth looking into. Also, I only play one or two days a week anymore. Usually enough to get my lootboxes, if even that much.

Total Mayhem (when it’s there) and Mystery Heroes are my Read more

Jan 17

I feel like the best way forward is to recast and retool the character. Maybe have an episode where gets a white-collar job, or franchises out some Kwik-e-Marts, overworks himself at first, and at some point in the plot, his voice changes because he got laryngitis from the stress or something. Or flip it, and he Read more

Dec 13

Anyone else feel like they no longer give a damn about cinematic trailers? I either want to see game play or in-engine shenanigans. I just get bored by these cinematic trailers that really give us no sense of the game itself. 

Dec 6

I’m on self-imposed embargo on Rise of Skywalker trailers. Although lately it doesn’t take much effort to refrain from watching them. Maybe trailer fatigue is a factor too.

Nov 18 2019

The entire Rick Solo Adventure Not-Directed by Ron Howard was a metaphor about internet arguments. Read more

Nov 15 2019

There goes my aim down the drain. How am I supposed to see anything in this suit!?

Nov 3 2019

I mean like, no one is making you buy anything, dude. Overwatch has been receiving free updates for over three years now and will continue to receive them with the release of OW2. I have 300 hours in Overwatch and haven't spent a penny after that initial purchase, I don’t know what you’re complaining about.