Mar 9

As a Dynasty Warriors fan, I love that the characters kept their signature looks from the games, to the point where even smaller story characters like Yuan Shao are instantly recognizable. Read more

Dec 22

each episode will be a 10 millisecond multidimensional flashback in our consciousness.

Dec 18

when your country is known for ripping off other peoples idea, this is what an original thought looks like

Nov 7

Always happy to get remastered versions of games I love (though how happy might depend on the price point, as I still own all the originals). Won’t lie, though: I was hoping for more of a ‘remake’, at least as far as the first game is concerned, as I would have loved for BioWare to tweak its actual gameplay to be more Read more

Sep 14

Considering the Navy navigates vast oceans and rough seas, you’d think they’d be better at handling streams.

Jul 17

Investigative journalism is dying in all subjects though. Why pay someone for weeks or months for 1 story when I can have them crank out a dozen clickbaity, vapid articles instead? Read more

Jan 10 2020

I didn’t know I wanted a Florida Man douchebro vs. Salt Bae fight til I had to write this today.

Jan 10 2020

I think there is probably plenty of room for everyone in this story to be the asshole. That being said... Read more

Nov 26 2019

Gotta give props to dude for having the balls to call u up and open a dialogue.