Baraka Kaseko
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1:57 PM

All he fucking had to do was say, no, It’s not related to Kraft, It was filmed before that whole Incident came up. Done. Instead he takes being asked a question as an opportunity to try to turn It Into an “unfair media” moment and a legion of asskissers don’t take a second to step back and think about It, but rush to Read more

11:56 AM

Buddy I’ll have you know that auto-playing videos are the BLEEDING EDGE of web design circa 2005, the year Jim Spanfeller’s brain last acquired any new information. You ever consider what having two or three auto-playing videos on every page does for this site’s video play numbers? If you wanna sell ads to all the Read more

12:27 PM

This will be Burfict’s 14th suspension in his NFL career, and his third for an illegal hit. After his ejection, the Raiders captain ran off the field blowing kisses to the booing crowd. Read more

5:06 PM

Is there a single person out there that is surprised that Belichick wanted to keep Brown? Even one?

10:11 AM

Eh, I’m ok with those two. Batman V Superman, not so much.

11:59 PM

I took “new normal” to just mean there’s no shock or surprise left hearing about another school shooting. It’s become so normalized. The same way the existence of devastatingly destructive firearms has become normalized, which, I can only theorize, has contributed to preventing the legislation of stricter gun laws.
And Read more

2:14 PM

sorry Beth, you are legally obligated to mention Tom Holland’s lip sync battle performance in this context

2:28 PM

Hey all. Just wanted to drop in here and give a very sincere thank you to everyone who’s read the piece and everyone who’s commented below. I had to kind of talk myself into writing this, for a number of reasons, but I’m glad I did, and I’m deeply moved by the responses here—by those of you sharing your own Read more