Baraka Kaseko
Web Producer, The A.V. Club
6/10/21 8:12PM

This show has been a wonderful and needed port in the pandemic storm. A year and half where the world took a pause no doubt inspired many to take a look at their lives and see if they liked theirs, or were ready to try new things and fix their flaws. And here comes a warm, compassionate, funny character dramedy about Read more

6/09/21 1:21PM

They think the world is a prison and they are the prison guards.

6/09/21 9:27AM

We’ll be updating the rankings as new guest hosts are added to the lineup!

6/03/21 11:37AM

What the hell is that on top of his head that appears to be trying to escape?

5/26/21 2:11PM

This reunion special maybe didn’t need to exist, but I have to say I always appreciate that moment when actors go from “dammit, I’m more than just ___ from Friends” to “wow, this had a huge impact on people, I’m glad I was part of it, and it’s OK if that’s the first line in my obituary.”

5/18/21 4:18PM

a fictional prison for those who share even vaguely sexual content on social media Read more

5/14/21 11:33AM

It seems like fans this week successfully wished Kathryn Hahn’s casting into existence. So hey, I’m game. I agree, Kelly Marie Tran deserves a movie like this.

5/14/21 11:31AM

Oh I’d absolutely love to see Shohreh Aghdashloo in a Knives Out sequel, she’d be genuinely incredible in that genre! 

5/07/21 1:39PM

So here is my thinking on this, because I have thought a lot about it: This was before Holt was born, and Holt’s mom was a famous actor in the ‘40s, and he says the actor was “famous, famous... in his generation,” so we’re talking, I think, a ‘40s or ‘50s movie star with a kid who came later and might be about the Read more

4/04/18 1:15AM

It is possible that one of the side-effects of a giant lizard apocalypse might be that abortion is no longer easily obtainable?