Baraka Kaseko
Web Producer, The A.V. Club
Nov 28

My complaint is that “dark” always equates to what a twelve you old thinks “mature” is. The majority of the books aren’t any more dense or thought provoking, they just have some gore and a little sexiness. Read more

Nov 25

For some, literally anything to the left of unchecked capitalism is “socialism.”

Nov 18

i would have far more good will for him and what he’s trying to do if he just said less...

Nov 11

Also none of these people (including Musk) “changed the world”, not for the better anyway. They just loved to pose as such, and to take credit for others’ work and achievements, just because they were sociopaths.

Nov 11

Maybe not Jesus, but at least not fucking assholes that do more damage than good, like Musk and both of your examples are.

Nov 10

I pronounce my name like, “Too-saunt,” though I’ve heard alternate pronunciations. Fun fact: I’m named after Toussaint Louverture! Another fun fact: I am neither Haitian nor am I French!

Nov 6

I was expecting maybe $60 with the brick included, or $80 for “definitely overpriced but still within the realm of possibility that I would buy one before a big trip, if those ever happen again”.

But this thing is more than TWICE as expensive than it should be. I don’t know how this price is justifiable. It’s as bad Read more

Nov 5

The PS5 can use regular nvme m.2 drives, they just need to be pci-e gen 4 and very fast.

Oct 28

It’s a shame they couldn’t say “For each death threat, we’re delaying the game by another week.  What say you?”

Oct 21

If I give a movie a B+, I’m saying it might be in contention for the lower reaches of my best-of-the-year list. This is quite funny, but it *is* kind of a retread—of a movie I liked but probably would have given a B had I reviewed it upon release. B+ = see this movie, while B- is more, see this movie if you were Read more