Baraka Kaseko
Web Producer, The A.V. Club
4/28/21 2:49PM

Yeah that is the case. I’ll let Patrick (our EIC) know, and he can get in contact with the folks over there.

4/28/21 2:19PM

Hey, thanks for flagging. I honestly can’t speak to the G/O/tech emails, but comments.avclub@theonion dot com and avcqa@theonion dot com are good options to get in touch with editorial staff Read more

3/19/21 11:31AM

Superman & Lois is my shit. He’s just trying to be a good dad! I love it.

10/08/20 4:45PM

On purely a conceptual level, I don’t mind the retcon. For me, if Chibnall’s era as showrunner has been defined by anything, it’s a lack of risk-taking. I think he’s scared to make his characters unlikable, and is uninterested in disrupting the Doctor-companion dynamic. There’s no meaningful interpersonal conflict. Read more

8/13/20 3:13PM

It was completely heartwarming and deeply unsettling to see Fitz smiling so earnestly. I can’t remember the last time we saw him smile.

2/09/20 9:46PM

The Scorceses are all of us watching Eminem at the Oscars.