David Bixenspan
4:47 PM

Yes, he had completely taken over the fight standing. He shot for the takedown, Hardy stuffed it, and they would have been back on their feet again a few seconds later if not for the foul.

3:54 AM

What you’re saying about the knee rule is not true. Knee to the head of a downed opponent is illegal everywhere that uses the Unified Roles or a close approximation thereof. The only state to state variance is what constitutes a “downed opponent,” but Crowder would have been considered downed everywhere. Read more

2:05 PM

Yoel Romero is an ATT fighter and had some corner shenanigans (like “stoolgate,” which was, as the referee has explained, completely misunderstood and not really egregious, as well as having water poured on him), but I believe that those incidents involved some of the outside coaches he uses, not ATT staff. Read more

1:58 PM

I’ve been watching MMA since my dad brought a UFC 2 screener home from work in 1994, but I get what you’re saying. I just don't write about MMA as much.

5:39 PM

It can be said about a lot of businesses, but it really is true here. As long as they can maintain a base of 2-3 million people who will watch the main shows, they’re golden no matter how many fans give up on paying them for anything. And it’s so antithetical to how wrestling promotions always had to stay creative to Read more

11:08 PM

That’s always been the big question for me. AKI may not have wanted to do an annual title and that left them out even earlier, but Yuke’s had been making two completely different titles (Day of Reckoning and SmackDown) when it came time, and the lesser one (SD) became the cross-platform one. 

2:55 PM

The GameCube WWE games deserve significantly more hype than they've always gotten. (Though I've never played the WrestleMania ones, just Day off Reckoning and it's sequel.)

2:53 PM

But Yuke’s managed to make some really good, AKI-influenced games with the Day of Reckoning/Wrestle Kingdom series. (Which also had the best commission detection in rasslin game history for some reason.) It’s not like they were always completely inept.

6:09 PM

No, because it wasn't weekly. It aired at most every few months during certain off weeks for Saturday Night Live.

6:25 PM

Not if you're talking about The original title and its lineage. The since-discontinued World Heavyweight Championship is the one that Booker T and Mark Henry held. It was sometimes slotted as the more important title, though, yes.