Billy Haisley
Jun 15 2017

My dad played in some big rec leagues in Southern California back in the late 70s, and he told stories about how this would happen to him. In a goddamned rec league. Read more

Jan 19 2017

Late last year I was sitting at a bar in the Jacksonville airport. An old man sat down on the stool next to me, and proclaimed/asked, “I don’t drink, can I get a diet coke?” I was down a few large beers at the time and gave into him wanting to strike up a conversation. ESPN was on TV, and he kept interjecting with

Aug 22 2016

I have small quibbles with these rankings, but they are basically correct. The main error most Pop Tart eaters make is not recognizing that, generally, non-frosted Pop Tarts are far superior to frosted Pop Tarts. All frosted Pop Tarts taste like basically the same thing—pure sugar—which is an okay thing, but something Read more

Mar 25 2016

Here’s a tip from a dog lover for people who don’t own dogs. There were some basic mistakes by the players in this video. The dog is scared. If you are seen as a threat, the dog will not come. Don’t jog up to it and expect it not to cower when you clumsily grasp at it. Just wait for it to approach you while your hand Read more

Feb 26 2016

The translated piece is from another article (not that I imagine anyones interested, since it’s also in Danish...). But I’ll translate the interview with Rømer in the article linked: Read more

Feb 17 2016

It’s a tense time, but I predict that five years from now, whatever he’s been through will have made Future perfect.

Feb 17 2016

Risky move by Tarasov. If he gets suspended, it will leave his team in Tatars.

Feb 17 2016

Jesus. A professional sports league is regulating political messages from its players? They are being punished for expressing a message that matters deeply to them?!?! I guess they haven’t heard of freedom of speech over there in Commie Euro-Russia, AMIRITE?!?! That shit would never happen in the Read more

Jan 26 2016

After all, Didier Drogba and Nicholas Anelka were big-name players who went to China as recently as 2012, only to go running back to Europe at the first opportunity. Read more

Jan 26 2016

Serious note. I wonder how many of the top talent will last past the first year of their contracts, regardless of the money thrown at them. As has been exhaustively covered, China’s rapid economic expansion has come at great cost to the environment. Read more

Jan 7 2016

Well, if you are going to double down on a Brazilian, you should expect to get waxed.

Jan 7 2016

That’s one duck that won’t go Peking around for no good reason...