2/09/16 9:23PM

Shocking! Tavarish fucks up yet another article! Let’s start with the easy, the cheap black car you posted last year was a 348 not a 355. Yes there is a big price difference. Here’s a nice f355 in the right color for under 50k with a stick: Read more

2/08/16 11:40AM

nothin’ classier than slapping women with yer dick and shipping HGH to your wife, is there Read more

2/08/16 10:47AM

Remember when football used to be about, you know, the game? Jesus, let it go. The pressers are stupid, pedantic and ridiculous anyway. The talk today should be about the Denver defense, and how they dismantled and mindfucked three of the top offenses in football on their way to a championship. They should be heralded Read more

2/08/16 9:26AM

Problem solved. Ferrari can get back to making spaceships.

2/08/16 9:24AM

Because the world is crying out for a practical family hauler from Ferrari?

1/21/16 9:28PM

White people who compare mild to moderate situations/annoyances to MLK’s struggle are the fucking worst.

1/13/16 3:11PM

You’ll also have to start “driving like Colin Mcrae,” as most Subaru owners say while they slowly drift in a parking lot while the AWD system in their 5th hand WRX strokes their ego.

1/13/16 9:25AM

Oh you drove one in Forza? so now you know what its actually like to drive? Really man?

1/08/16 1:31PM

As the current owner of a 2013 XF 3.0T, i agree that it is definately different from the normal German choices, but disagree on the other points. I have not had a single issue from a reliability standpoint with mine, i happen to like the interior which is simple (although the nav screen was definatley in need of some Read more

12/14/15 3:44PM

“using the same one man/one engine production rule that has made AMG engines famous.”

12/11/15 1:48PM

Also fun: seeing the lengths people will go to try to look intelligent when they’re really just missing the point.

11/30/15 1:09PM

Your “supercars” were trying to do the same exact thing the “hypercars” of today are. The main difference is technology. The goal has always been the same.
Read more

11/18/15 2:48PM

It’s like Mommy Audi and Daddy Jaguar had a kid and threw on wheels from a Kia.

11/18/15 1:07PM

Let me get this straight. You are concerned with reliability, so your plan is to buy a 1st year production ALFA ROMEO?

11/18/15 10:23AM

First off, nobody mentioned actual violence by a pastor or other religious leader. You did. And show me one place in America that this has happened without law enforcement getting involved. One. Read more

11/15/15 10:38PM

That must be why nobody ever died playing football in the early 20th century.