Dan's Dance Revolution
Today 10:44AM

I’m sure I’ll take some heat for this already blazing hot take, but I am consistently turned off by a lot of “50s” design. The early 50s were quite bland, and American cars from ‘58 to around ‘61 or ‘62 were largely an orgy of hideous excess. I would argue what people think is great 50s design mostly settled into the Read more

Today 10:41AM

Neutral: Honestly, not too different from today, except with more hybrids instead of ICE engines. If GM had done the smart thing and had the EV-1 built as a luxury vehicle (gee I wonder who had that bright idea and made a lot of money off of it), it would have helped advance the technology, but the new car market in Read more

Today 10:32AM

I think this is a good thing. I spent a lot of time with a very nice Rolls Royce over the last year. It was very comfortable, very well put together and did exactly what I expected of it very well. Usually the memorable things about review cars are the niggling things that one does not like. Top of the range “halo” Read more

Today 10:31AM

You guys don’t take notes when driving press vehicles? With the right notes it should be easy to poop out a review that would be just as good if you wrote one soon after driving it. I get it, it’s a 100k escalade, not really fun or exciting, and not many here would care about it. Go find some college intern to do the Read more

Today 10:11AM

Maybe this is why there is a lack of new car reviews here compared to other sites. Hell, Elizabeth has most of them and it appears she gets them because of her work on other sites. She just posts them here as well. I certainly wouldn’t invite Eric Shilling to review my car after that Jaguar piece where he just took Read more

Today 9:34AM

Oh, that’s very embarrassing. Indeed, I dropped the first ‘e’ in a number of instances for some reason. I’ve fixed it, thank you so much!

Today 8:55AM

“A nation of tiny cars will soon become a nation of..tiny people”...Sir Guy Grand.

Today 8:22AM

For the look. This is one of the best body kits ever produced for the Miata. Not just on looks, but fit and finish as well. A properly executed Simpson Italia has some value for a buyer who wants that look. You’re just not that buyer.

Yesterday 1:05PM

Koenigsegg is the visionary Musk pretends to be on his best days.

Yesterday 12:34PM

I don’t off-road, have an ‘86 4Runner.
I don’t need a convertible, have 996 ‘vert. And 4Runner I guess. And motorbikes.
I need a small truck, like the Maverick.

But I really want a 2 door Bronco.