Dan's Dance Revolution
Today 10:41AM

Let’s say you’re a regular at the Olive Garden. After every meal, you get a square of tiramisu. Then one week, you tell the wife “babe, it’s time we really change things up.” So you go to the Olive Garden and get a cannoli for dessert. Read more

Wednesday 12:11PM

Reverse: To those of us who weren’t alive for the Cold War, Valentina Tereshkova is known as the craven figurehead in Russia’s Duma who’s trying to constitutionally turn Vladimir Putin into a czar for life. File this one to “Russia ruins everything”, I guess.

Wednesday 11:52AM

As a guy right in the Model 3's target demographic, I’m just salivating over buying an EV from a company whose design ideas and manufacturing practices seem to demonstrate open contempt for its customers. Read more

Wednesday 9:08AM

We can agree to disagree. Despite loving the look of a stock NA Miata, my knee-jerk reaction to this was “for reasons unknown and baffling, I don’t hate it.”

Monday 4:22PM

And then there is that 5-seat center row’s fickle cousin, the 4-seat center row. More humane than 5, perhaps, but the armrest between the two middle seats is a real moral ambiguity. 

6/11/21 12:44PM

Cutlines, and whether they’re integrated into the body (e.g. did Design and Manufacturing talk to each other?).

6/09/21 2:58PM

It’s a Mini-Comtesse! I believe there’s a Jason Drives episode where he takes the Lane Museum’s example for a spin.

6/09/21 2:48PM

Just Leafs, but in my shopping for used Bolts I’ve found that for other models, there are either equivalent apps or just better ways to get the same info. More importantly (as a lot of folks on this thread have pointed out), the whole “catastrophic battery degradation” thing is exclusively a Leaf phenomeon. For any Read more

6/09/21 1:01PM

LeafSpy exists for this exact purpose; you can get all the data you could possibly need on a Leaf battery’s true state. $30 gets you the app and an OBDII scanner. Compared to $300 for the PPI on a gas-powered car, it’s a steal.

6/04/21 9:11AM

A $30 sheet of UV-resistant acrylic, some glue, and a dremel will also do the trick; replace the window itself, instead of the whole top. I just did mine (shameless pic below).

6/03/21 11:41AM

Extend that to any sensor which gives your engine critical inputs. Cleaning a MAF/MAP sensor takes 5 minutes and is always worth it. 

6/02/21 3:32PM

If you’re going to put a 2-door car on baby duty, it might as well be a properly ludicrous machine. Which is to say: a lightly-used Nissan GTR has big doors and can swallow a car seat.

5/30/21 12:04PM

Seriously. At 5'3" , Elizabeth is at “normal person” height; it's a truck problem, not a her problem. If I, a 6'0 dude, find stock truck beds and cabs too tall to load, something has gone very wrong.

5/25/21 3:10PM

Honest question, how much of a bucket list item should “driving an old-ass car” be for a gearhead? I just realized that the oldest car I’ve driven is an NA Miata, which is *checks notes* not that old.

5/20/21 12:22PM

This. Whenever I’m driving a car other than mine, the first thing I hunt down is the button that turns the screens and backlights off. My Nissan can black out even more than Saab’s night mode (literally everything except dash warning lights, of which there are...currently too many), and this easily became my favorite Read more