Apr 18

Right? Getting accurate parallax is actually a huge deal and is why the distance to even nearby stars gets altered and changed all the time. There was plans for a probe to solve this called “TAU”- Thousand AU- that was conceived at the same time as New Horizons, but putting a probe 20 times the distance would have Read more

Apr 16

Most people (I think) would not be able to even identify a known star because of this. Even very identifiable stars like Polaris or Betelgeuse would be easily “lost” if they didn’t appear in their respective constellations anymore.

Mar 10

I know it’s mentioned in the introduction, but I think it is the importing part that’s the much more complicated part of switching and would need the tutorial.

Jan 25

At the start of the pandemic I was lucky enough to have a small supply of the really good 3M N95 masks meant for sanding and chemicals. However, all the masks had a front valve that allowed my unfiltered breath out, so I covered the N95 mask with a cloth mask to protect other people from me. Read more

Jan 20

This is just more evidence of the many many undiagnosed or untreated people with mental health conditions in this country.

Jan 15

I can’t wait until “Influencers” is no longer a thing.

Jan 6

I think the only thing I watch on Discovery is How It’s Made, but I goddamn love that show so I’ve been low-key considering subscribing just for that. (edit: or maybe it’s on the Science Channel? I think that’s part of Discovery’s network though.)
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Jan 6

Not to mention when Discovery, the History Channel, and the Travel Channel stopped having shows about actual FACTS and started creating crap like “Real Life Mermaid Documentary”. They lost all of my respect and trust.

Dec 18

The A350 uses bleed air, the reason for thatis that  the customers apparently preferred less maintenance over the lower weight of the electrical compressor, which is standard on the 787 and optional on the A320neo. Electric compressors still use synthetic oil for lubrication, and an EASA investigation on eight Read more

Nov 20

Can’t help but feel like it looks more like Max Headroom than advanced AI:

Jul 31

This man had no idea what TikTok was until the teens using it ruined his Tulsa rally. This is petty revenge, plain and simple. It has nothing to do with national security. 

Jul 26

Well, the industry has procedures for storage and low utilization aircraft, like, forever. LUMP is the Low Utilization Maintenance Program with enhanced maintenance to make sure corrosion and other problems are regularly resolved. Storage programs exist also so when one comes out of storage there are maintenance items Read more