Jan 13

The Ford Flex gets way too much love on this site. It looks like shit, and it’s not a good car by any metric. Its only redeeming quality is being a ‘wagon’ in a market undersaturated with wagons, but nobody’s going to pay $13k for this example of the species.

Mar 8 2018

Thereby saving even more money over a new R Design or a new or used Polestar (if you can even get power levels up that high).

Feb 8 2018

Im with Kristen on this one(although everyones suggestions are great). The esprit is so stylish, unique and will definitely appreciate in value. Just buy one for a bit under $30k and buy a civic for a few grand for when the esprit is broken (which it undoubtedly will be quite often). The Peter Stevens designed ones

Jan 28 2018

“The film is called Deep Blue Sea, because it is set in the ocean, which is deep and also blue in parts.”

Jan 23 2018

That one dude shouting “We’re all gonna die!” seems pretty chill about the whole situation.

Nov 9 2017

Does it really have to look to like an overweight rhinoceros though?

Apr 24 2015

“The facility had just 200 beds, but planners explained it would be a “hot bed” scenario, where the residents would take turns sleeping.”

Oct 3 2014

KBB is usually way over inflated...on all the trade transactions I have brokerd most dealers have offered within a few hundred bucks of Edmunds TMV trade values. Granted when I run a preliminary trade eval, any car with more than 20k miles I select "good condition." So I try set a have a realistic expectation of Read more

Sep 30 2013

That would be a doctorette? See this is why education is so important.