Jan 12 2020

I did the same thing two years ago. Heart palpitations, shortness of breath etc. I sat in the waiting room for 5 hrs after being triaged. Hell by that time I was feeling better and was about to leave. A nurse came running out and stopped me. I had multiple blood clots in both lungs and the right side of my heart had Read more

Jan 12 2020

I’m sure this is something that can be fixed with just the smallest of tweaks to our existing system. And if not, we’ll try again with another small tweak ten years further on.  Because, truly, what’s a life when profits and executive compensation hang in the balance?!

Jan 11 2020

There is a reason no other civilised county does this. Just bloodthirsty retribution. 

Jan 9 2020

Below-freezing temperatures seems unwise, but in 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher doing the shorts/jacket combo feels pretty refreshing if it’s only for a few minutes at a time (like walking from a car into a building, and so forth).

Jan 5 2020

Of course we like political dynasties. We may pretend not to and we certainly sneer at the ones whose politics aren’t to our taste, but dynasties equal continuity and that’s an attractive thing when the original flavor of that thing (some) people liked have been forced off the menu (ie. term limited). I mean how Read more

Jan 2 2020

This article reads like an entitlement article. You get what you paid for. Also you are rewarded for loyalty. I often pay to move to Comfort+ on long flights. It would seem unfair to those individuals that paid for more to get less. If you want a cheap flight, you get a cheap flight. Read more

Dec 20 2019

Yang is a great illustration of what happens when a tech guy is capable of recognizing problems (and knowing that business as usual is insufficient to meet them) but having none of the ideological or historical grounding to offer anything but the shallowest “disruptive” solutions. His fans are some of the strangest, Read more

Dec 18 2019

When productivity czaring goes bust at least he can pivot to political cartoons.

Dec 5 2019

Harris wasn’t The One, but she was the one candidate who had probably the clearest path to the nomination and the broadest coalition of support in the race. It’s really weird that people want to blame the fact that it didn’t translate into an actual victory on “Kamala is a Cop.” I mean, the vast majority of people Read more

Dec 4 2019

thats a bit different because what they violated was the child protection act for online useage.

I would say this being public area is quite different. 

Dec 4 2019

There aren’t wide chasms of differences between the candidates. At least not within the moderate and the progressive cohort. Of course this does not play well with media/press who love binary narratives. So campaigns feel the need to pull stunts like this. 

Dec 4 2019

I really don’t care who’s “plan” it is.  Even if it’s the exact same thing they should be supportive of a good plan the other supports.