Jay Sanin
Dec 26 2017

you mean like the Gawker writer who accused Greg Howard of sexually assaulting her and was told to go kick rocks by Gawker HR? I’m still blown away (and sadly, kind of not) that this site hasn’t said a single thing about that since it was put out there a couple months ago by her. I’m now on burner account #4 because I Read more

Apr 23 2017

And we are one step closer to Wenger saving his job and Arsenal getting relegated next season.

Apr 3 2017

it was at 3:35:00 in the video... but yeah, that was insane, i can’t believe that happened haha

Jul 13 2016

Getting rid of hacks? Well I guess the NBA and my ex-wife have one thing in common folks!

Jan 11 2016

Based on that Facebook post it appears that there will be a new “Road to Glory” mode featuring Eric LeGrand.

Jan 6 2016

1st thing you need to do is shit on the floor to establish dominance!

Dec 16 2015

Hopefully all the people who say blacks only eat fried chicken and watermelon will now drop those racist stereotypes, and replace them with the racist stereotypes in this article.

Oct 23 2015

NBA-ers are held to a much higher standard then other pros, continually meet or exceed that standard, & are still stereotyped as the biggest thugs in all sports. Read more