Jay Sanin
Oct 9 2019

And when it comes to this postseason, they’ve been...

May 19 2019

Between that incredible strike against Leicester this year and the lone goal against United via header during the run-in in 2012, two of City’s Premier League titles wouldn’t have been possible without him, to say nothing of the Aguero moment to break the title drought. Read more

Sep 30 2017

Because you can’t overturn the call on the field without indisputable video evidence.

Aug 23 2017

Lee’s nickname around Siena College, where he calls basketball games, is The General. This was the right call. As always, Clay Travis can fuck off.

Aug 14 2017

During an interview for a $200/month site manager spot in mid-2015, I was told by the soccer manager that I could split those funds, but that it was my call. With about a dozen people writing for that site at the time, it would have been less than $20 per person. Not great!

Jul 2 2017

Those judges must have messed with the bull. That’s the only way they could have got the Horn in that fight.

May 24 2017

I’m not sure what everyone wanted him to do in this situation. He’s not allowed to use his hands.

Apr 17 2017

This is Argentina we’re talking about. He’ll be named manager of the national team.

Apr 12 2017

One year! The Bulls missed out at 42-40 last season, as did the 41-41 Wizards.

Apr 9 2017

This is why the National League is the best of Major League Baseball. You’d never see a safety squeeze executed so well in the AL.

Apr 3 2017

In a game of Ultimate Team on the couch that ultimately doesn’t mean anything, it’s worth it to have a laugh on your way into the end zone (or wherever you end up if the celebration attempt fails). In a tournament where a win would have been good for a nice bit of extra money, you have to make sure you score there. Read more

Apr 2 2017

That wasn’t even the craziest thing to happen in that game. A sure pick six turned into no points for ‘Schemin’ because his player fell down at the one yard line after he entered an input that was supposed to make his player do a dabbing-type motion when the player had no stamina remaining. He was then stopped from