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No chance this ends soon. The US is probably one of the hardest countries to flatten a curve due to our distrust of authority and inability to act in favor of any other interests other than our own. People fight tooth and nail to maintain the ways of life they see fit, regardless of how that way of life could Read more

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I doubt it’ll be like this once the main threat is over. “Social distancing” is to protect the healthcare system from being overwhelmed. When enough people have herd immunity to the virus, it won’t be able to run out of control anymore. A better president, restocked medical supplies, and an actual pandemic response Read more

12:30 PM

There was a story about a children’s party hosted by a church on March 6th in Alabama, and pretty much the entire congregation got wiped out by coronavirus last week. There was a story in the Washington Post about a choir practice in Washington around the same time, and almost everyone came down with coronavirus. Read more

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I mainly think this is going to continue in phases. For a lot of America, it isn’t even real yet. And that should be a good thing, but the trend has been that places aren’t issuing stay at home directives until it arrives. Only 30 states have issued these types of directives. Read more

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I got to see a convo that was happening in a closed Facebook group for local business folk. The dominant discussion about who they’d go about sending people back to work regardless the recommendations otherwise, and just deal with the inevitable sickness and death as they occur. Obviously we’d need to have workers Read more

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David Price, a pulmonary physician at Cornell Medical Center, cites one very good argument for the widespread use of masks: People wearing masks are less likely to touch their faces. Read more

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Pour one out for the respiratory therapists at your local hospital
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So what are you going to do, if one of you has it now & only shows symptoms after you arrive?

1:08 PM

People do what “feels” best to them rather than what actually makes sense or is a better choice for the greater good

12:53 PM

People always seem to do the worst thing.  They dig in for hurricanes instead of moving out of the way of danger, and they leave during outbreaks and expand the problem.  

5:46 AM

It’s a very important distinction to make, and I’ve encountered some confusion from others regarding the supposed home-arrest style of distancing they felt was necessary versus a much more livable protocol. Being outside in fresh air, sunlight, and being active is extremely valuable to physical and mental health, now Read more

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Correct! The earliest example of the naming shift I can think of is ALS. A certain Yankee legend no longer had to be mentioned when talking about ALS. If we can show respect to a dead Yankee, can’t we show respect to science and the world. (Watch, Trump will start calling this the Democratic Virus).

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Yes, but how ever will we get the blame-shifting ball rolling, if we can’t come up with a snappy name that encapsulates our unwillingness to take responsibility for ourselves?

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Thank you for this article. I was starting think I need to discovery gravity or something. I will just do what I need to do. I actually still do have a lot on my plate.

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One of the biggest unknowns is how the disease will effect each country. For example in China it killed men at a far higher rate then it did woman due to those in the risk zones prepensity to smoke more. While woman did. Will this be the same in the West? Its unknown. Another factor that isn’t present in China is Read more

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That’s ok, I got essential oils, crystals and lucky talismans on backup. : P