Beth Skwarecki
Health Editor
4:48 PM

The basic idea is this: you grab the weight and rip it off the ground so hard that it flies up past waist level, maybe higher Read more

7:14 AM

Hi what’s the benefit of having a bar that bends ,is whippy?

11:38 AM

Stronger by Science is a great reference for anyone who wants to learn more about lifting. Which in my opinion should be anyone who lifts. Honestly, I’m with Greg Nuckols on this unless you’re actively training to be a Power Lifter and you need the Big Three lifts what does it matter if you’re using alternative Read more

11:01 AM

Slightly on topic but recently my gym got a second trap bar, one for personal training and one for wild use and I could not be happier. Really not a fan of traditional deadlifts due to my height but the Trap Bar Deadlift works so much better for my unique structure. So being able to do them more consistently (people Read more

9:42 AM

I’ve been throwing these into my workouts for a few weeks now. I maxed out at 185lbs. The hardest part is just finding the balance point on the bar. Read more

11:03 AM

More proof that Beth Skwarecki is fucking awesome. Your posts here and on insta are providing this novice powerlifter a lot of inspiration. Thank you!

11:07 AM

Hell yeah! I love deadlifts! When less weight is harder work it can be quite effective. Don’t forget to stretch those hamstrings after.

8:07 PM

Huh, and all along I thought it was T. Maidment or T. Spannfeller that were the parasitic infections. Well, at least one is gone.

1:10 PM

You didn’t fail, you were just delayed in succeeding. Happens, keep at it!

12:31 PM

I failed my half my goals for the year, the biggest problem was my work gym closing for 6 months and still closed for 2 more months, so i went from running 1-3 miles a day to 0 because it was too hot outside and I didn’t want to pay for a public gym. Read more

11:52 AM

Mine was get to sub 60 bpm heart rate which I succeed at doing (sort of) its bumping around 57 to 62 bpm at the moment largely dependent on what I am doing that day to slightly increase its average. Though that is how Fitbit calculates it so I’d say win. Read more

2:08 PM

Next on Evil Week: How to run a beloved community into the ground. All you need is a website, passionate readers, auto-start video ads, and a shitty mantra. Just pulling things out of the air, let’s use “Stick to Sports.”

12:17 PM

Chalk helps with grip, but the way that it helps can actually help you build a stronger grip by allowing you to go train longer and hold the bar (or another object) more tightly without providing an artificial support like straps.

The additional grip you get from chalk is primarily because it absorbs moisture and Read more

10:57 AM

I just rub my hands on the chalk board at my gym. There is usually junk written up there somewhere so I do not think anyone minds. I only use/need it when I heavy dead lift.

10:22 AM

I found "none of the above" in my workout routine 😁 so it will continue to be sans-belt for this old white man. 

7:12 AM

A member at my gym brought in a new-to-us grip attachment for the cable systems last year, and left it for about a week. Everyone went ape-shit over it after trying it, but then he returned and reclaimed it. Upon googling it and finding the seller, I discovered it was a small but very cool company making ergonomic Read more