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Jun 22

That’s awesome, would love to hear what you’re working on! You can reach me at

Jun 3

Yoko Kanno is coming back for the Netflix show! Sorry I didn’t include, I thought it was already pretty well known. Here’s more info. Read more

Jun 3

The original composer is returning for the live-action show. It was reported by SyfyWire.

Jun 2

To be clear, he said there will absolutely be smoking, it just may not be glamorized in the same way. I had to take out his quote for space but here it is for context:
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Apr 20

Both are excellent points. I’m hoping he’s not a host but I guess we’ll find out?

Apr 16

Loving all the advice in the comments! Y’all are smart... also too smart...

Apr 14

Board games, you say? I’ve got you covered! I do a bi-weekly column, Gaming Shelf, covering board gaming and tabletop RPG news, focusing on genre games. I’ve also published several recommendations for gaming during social distancing, and be on the lookout for more board game reviews and retrospectives in the coming Read more

Apr 8

I looked through anime but had trouble finding episodes that weren’t strictly fanservice, and I wanted to avoid that trope. The Outlaw Star one is pretty funny though. 

Mar 23

Ooh this is a good idea, thank you for the suggestion. Let me look into this.

Mar 23

I didn’t catch that Jurassic Park nod right away and it’s a really cool reference. The reason we’re treating it as Medieval World is because the costuming doesn’t reflect Game of Thrones at all. A lot of it looks like fancier, more modern versions of the costumes in the original film. There’s even a coat of arms on Read more