Yesterday 3:50PM

Nobody said it's unrealistic. Realistic things rarely make for good stories. 

6/11/21 2:11PM

“Remember when The AV Club used to publish thoughtful reviews of TV shows instead of just talking about whatever is trending on Twitter at the moment" is our generation's MTV and music videos.

6/11/21 1:48PM

Same with any tourist destination. Last time I went to Niagara Falls, I went to the hotel clerk and asked her where SHE likes to eat and drink. Always ask a local.

6/11/21 1:47PM

The last time I went to a Hard Rock Cafe, the waiter openly mocked me for ordering appletinis. Fuck that guy, though, because that place uses so much mixer in their drinks that the only way to get drunk is to order something that doesn't involve any non-alcoholic ingredients.

6/11/21 1:08AM

Yu might think she's South Asian until the last episode, when they rip off her mask and reveal her true identity.

6/11/21 1:07AM

It's the BEST version. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Velma finally gets to hook up with Hot Dog Water in this new series.

6/09/21 2:57PM

Correction: Ghosts Of Fear Street was actually an adaptation of a different series by that same name. It was meant to bridge the gap between Goosebumps and Fear Street, but just ended up being kind of boring and lame.

6/09/21 8:48AM

Is it that hard to figure out?People listen to Joe Rogan because he has an opinion that doesn’t look like it was assembled randomly from a list of socially acceptable progressive buzzwords. Read more

6/09/21 1:00AM

Getting old is probably the single greatest collective fear in society that nobody ever talks about. But there’s a reason every edgy young person says they’re going to die young. You never hear anybody say they plan to live long enough to be confused by a society that has moved past them.

6/06/21 3:01PM

I wouldn’t particularly say her performance in Speed Racer stood out. I like Christina Ricci, and I sort of like Speed Racer, but she didn’t really have much to do in that role. She wasn’t actively BAD (looking at you, Spritle), but I wouldn't include her in that movie's list of redeeming qualities.

6/05/21 3:52PM

You know what really doesn't help to prove a point? Citing Katt Williams as a source.

6/04/21 12:33PM

What the fuck does any of that have to do with whether or not a family from Iowa can name three different things that a woman might find in her husband's wallet?

6/03/21 12:19PM

Obviously it's going to be a #metoo inspired plot, with Vince Vaughn speaking out publicly about the time in the first movie when Isla Fisher raped him. Hilarity ensues.

6/02/21 1:56PM

Bold of you to assume that Waluigi isn't one of the aforementioned strippers.

6/02/21 11:27AM

Sorry, white progressives have decided only "latinx" is acceptable. They'll be happy to tell you why it's in your best interest, and why you should be offended by anyone who thinks otherwise.