Ben Cohen
Dec 31 2010

Awesome! Cant wait to do this when I get an iPad. Oh, and a Mustang... Well, I have the sync cable!

Dec 17 2010

@ClueHeywood: I think it's going to be a few weeks before I can watch Adam Banks try to rotate his wrist. Hits too close to home.

Dec 2 2010

@Marloandme: I was a wee bit older then, but no matter. I was at home, anyway, anxiously awaiting the Women's Selection Special.

Nov 18 2010

@jp182: I agree. One guy has a shoe bomb, we all take our shoes off. One asshole (pun fully intended) shoves a stick of dynamite in his rectum, I need to squat and cough next time I fly. Its ludacris. The full body scanners are so excessive. The US government does NOT need to know my penis size.

Aug 31 2010

He's got nothing on the 1963 winner of the Deserved Maiming of the Year award.

Jan 7 2010

A little hypothetical (OK, a lot hypothetical): Cornell- Northwestern, NCAA Tournament play-in game. Who should I root for?