Brian Broome
3:08 PM

I see what you were trying to say and I get it, but I have to disagree on a few points. “ ‘We were tired of seeing ourselves “keeping our heads above water” and dealing with “temporary layoffs.’ ” Na’ll fam. We were tired of those being the go to stories. As we begin to be able to paint our own truths, we showed the Read more

8:39 PM

Dang girl, who hurt you? Did you even read the article? I believe in God and I also believe that conversion comes from the inside out. No one has ever been shamed, bullied, or goaded into belief and if they were that belief will not last long! Now leave the man alone he told you what he believes, geeze Louise! lol

7:46 PM

It is possible to believe in a higher power without all of the trappings of religion.

6:29 PM

Your story is similar to mine. Except that in addition to saying that things in the bible didn’t make sense. I was also privy to the hypocrisy of people in the church talking about others behind their back, Pastors having affairs; and instead of helping people in trouble, they were judged as sinners and shut out from Read more