Sam B
10:50 PM

The first time I got to drive a MB was a 2017 CLA at my rental car job. I was a little excited because I had never driven or been in one before and boy was I disappointed. It had no back up camera, so much cheap plastic everywhere, a terrible feeling transmission. The center stack looked like it belonged in the mid Read more

11:55 PM

Wow! Hats off to you all for putting up with this! I’ve been reading car magazines since I was in middle school and it wasn’t until I came across Jalopnik that I realized that I have a hard time relating to the major publications because they feel too formal if that makes sense. What’s great about the writing from the Read more

6:49 PM

My Ion has this weird quirk where if the car is off but accessory mode is on, you can somewhat use the wipers but only on high speed and they stop when you take it out of high. I took a video to show everyone.

11:25 PM

I remember the first time I saw one. I was with my Great Aunt and the Toyota dealer tried to offer her a brand new leftover 2007 model in manual but she refused to take it so they offered her a leftover Auto of the same year. I did stumble on this listing today Read more

7:14 PM

I think those designers were inspired by the 1998 Town and Country to make those rims. 

8:20 PM

This is freakin awesome!!! How could any of you down-vote this?!?!

11:30 PM

Compared to newer cars like the Nissan Sentra my 07 Saturn Ion hasn’t aged a bit!

12:45 PM

My Mom had bought an ‘05 Ford Freestar that was previously a fleet vehicle and was a total lemon. She traded it in at 90,000 for... an ‘07 Freestar! That was also previously a fleet vehicle 🤦🏻‍♂️. I promise I make better decisions than that!

2:35 PM

I was moving from Northern CA to Los Angeles. I had my Saturn Ion stuffed to where I could just barely see out the back window and my seat was up further and completely upright. On I-5 there is this restaurant called Anderson’s Split Pea soup which is midpoint between my start and finish points. About after what only Read more

2:38 PM

Two times I damaged the transmission fluid pan on my 07 Ion. The first time I was driving through a very dark parking lot and my headlights were poorly lit. For some reason only the middle of the lot has those cement curbs. Decided to cut across and somehow managed to drive at the right angle to where my tires didn’t Read more

8:51 PM

I never throw away auto magazines so I have a stack of them in a box somewhere in the garage. Every once in a while I’ll go through my stuff and get rid of things. I can never get rid of those magazines. What if someday in the future someone desperately needs to know what’s on page 7 of the March 2010 issue of Car & Read more

1:47 PM

Late 90s to early 2000s Ford F-150s and Expeditions that are all beat up and have massive ugly aftermarket rims. I live in LA and see these almost daily. 

8:20 AM

I’ve learned that I’ll rarely ever agree with Jason. 

6:51 PM

It’s not a very good looking vehicle but I have to say that the first gen is far more ugly than the 2nd!

11:38 PM

I’ve only noticed them because I think they are pretty ugly. At first I thought it was a new Santa Fe or something like that but upon closer inspection it was just an ugly “luv”.

3:26 AM

I have many but off the top of my head I want to turn my Saturn Ion into the ultimate sleeper and track it. I also want to drive a GM EV1. I’m not weird. 

9:53 PM

What happens once it reaches its million mile mark? Try for another million more? 

6:29 PM

A lot of Toyotas have the gated shifter. It doesn’t bother me personally too much but I work at a rental company and quite often with the those shifters (mainly the Corolla) customers will ask if it’s a manual transmission. 

8:24 PM

I was at an electric car fair test driving various electric models. On one particular test drive I was in a Volkswagen Golf-E and on the final stretch a big truck slowed down in front of me. I decided to test the torque, looked, changed lanes, and floored it around the truck. This guy in a riced out Altima who was 3 Read more