5:35 PM

In this exchange, you can see just how easy it is for someone like Hardy to get away with domestic abuse. All you have to do is seem NICE, and be personable, and look somewhat even halfway chastened, and the Adam Schefters of the world will believe you, just because you shook their hand. Read more

10:21 PM

Oh my god, not that hard to drive an F1 car from today? This site has truly crawled up it’s own asshole. Let me guess, because they’re not all brown with manual transmission? Holy jumping christ. Piloting an F1 car in any direction without crashing for more than 5 seconds is literally an impossible task for 99.9995% Read more

1:51 PM

Obviously, the design needs some work, but I think it’s a powerful message the NFL can rally behind.

2:22 PM

I had a LOT of poor friends growing up. The one thing that was nearly universal? None of their parents or family members wore seat belts. Several were okay with us riding in the back of pickup trucks (age 6 is when I realized how dangerous this was and insisted to my friend’s father that I ride in the cab). You see, Read more

12:49 PM

Thousands of brave men gave their lives on that beach in France 71 years ago so that 1 Caitlyn Jenner has the freedom to be whatever the fuck she wants to be and 2 you have the freedom to be fucking small minded and petty about it