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We actually discussed the new NSX for a bit, but is it truly a supercar? Or more like a mid-engine sports car? High end, but still, a sports car?

5:00 PM

We are definitely biased, but we try to be upfront and honest about those biases to allow you, the reader, to make your own informed judgment. It’s silly and naive to pretend you’re completely unbiased and an “objective” journalist when the very judgment call about whether something is “objective” is a subjective Read more

1:26 PM

the company’s 100th year, something that long-defunct companies like Oldsmobile and Studebaker could never dream of, Read more

11:06 AM

At first I wanted to change the photo on this blog but then I realized it’s a guy with a no-face helmet absolutely wringing the hell out of an old Civic and I saw that it was Good

2:21 PM

Stop being mean to the Fisker!!!!!! It’s a good, beautiful, fun car and I love it.

6:55 PM

We’ve updated the headline and the lead paragraph to further clarify that while the cars are indeed being recalled due to a risk of fire, for now it is only a risk, and none of the vehicles in question have gone up in flames quite yet.

4:49 PM

Nah, we’ll keep them running forever. I suspect gasoline cars will become a niche product, the way horses are a niche product today. Horses ain’t illegal, they’re just for enthusiasts. Gasoline cars won’t be made illegal, but they’ll be for people who like to enjoy the old “antique” on the weekend. (In this scenario Read more

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You don’t know – you DON’T KNOW – how much I want to do all of that myself. In fact, one of the episodes of Car vs America that ended up on the cutting room floor (for logistical reasons only) was all about overlanding. I don’t want to say too much in case we find a way to do it, but I promise we have a great and/or Read more