5/04/21 12:49PM

The Macross Plus duel between the YF-19 and the YF-21 starts at the edge of space, so it counts.

1/28/21 1:51PM

Could be more simple: We don’t want the plebes to make money on the stock market while the hedge fund douchebags lose money! That would be terrible!!1!

1/25/21 9:10AM

I have a hard time watching Chinese movies because they wear Chinese politics on their sleeves and lack the consistent energy and creativity of Indian movies (which wear Indian politics on their sleeves but that energy and creativity count for a lot).

10/26/20 2:45PM

I agree - I’ve never like that character. I can see how some relate to the character, and that’s fine, but to me, it’s a bag of millennial clichés combined with early 21st century colloquialisms and language. Read more

10/25/20 12:26PM

Meh. She’s a cliche. Chrissakes, she’s even a ranga, the only hair colour available to the awkward sidekick/BFF of the YA protagonist.

3/16/20 9:07AM

He seems to be better reviewing a series that was over than a series that’s ongoing, at least with Star Trek. 

3/13/20 10:24AM

I don’t think you watched the same episode the rest of us did. Most of what you dismiss as bad writing is...not.

3/13/20 10:02AM

Sometimes people just need to watch the damned show for what it is, not what their expectations are. Read more

3/13/20 9:29AM

Huh.  I think is the best episode yet.  I’m intrigued by how disparate the opinions on this one have been.

3/12/20 10:59PM

Wow, I couldn’t possibly disagree with Zack any more strongly. It’s funny, because I forgot to watch the episode last night, saw the headline this morning, went “welp,” and sat down after work braced for the worst. And the episode kept going, and I kept waiting for it to get bad, and instead I found myself more and Read more

3/12/20 5:45PM

So now we know that the Zhat Vash orchestrated the attack on Mars which led to the Federation banning all synthetic life. As reveals go, it’s not the worst the episode has in store for us; the biggest problem is that it’s entirely unsurprising. Read more

3/12/20 10:48AM

Yeah, I read the scene completely differently than Zack. I think Seven was afraid to reconnect to the collective, but for a different reason than it being “the worst nightmare of her life”—she said it herself: she was worried she wouldn’t want to disconnect from the collective. That is far more interesting than the Read more

9/04/19 4:13PM

I hope someone told Karl Urban (loud enough for Sorbo to hear), “I loved you as Cupid in Hercules.”