5/27/21 7:23PM

There is just too much content...and I’m not just speaking about Superhero shit. I mean everything. Available hours for entertainment (even when factoring in anomalies like pandemic housebound hours) still remains finite.

5/04/21 2:24PM

Man, I loved the adult-orientation of Macross Plus and Macross Zero. Fantastic with beautiful animation. Read more

1/28/21 7:03PM

By “You” they really mean the hedge funds and other poor shorts that “need protection”. 

1/28/21 6:59PM

Yes...this is what, IMHO, was/is so fucked up about what they did. They allowed you to sell, which would benefit their parent, Citadel, but wouldn’t let you buy, which would hurt Melvin and other shorts that were privately bailed out by Citadel. Read more

1/25/21 12:36PM

I feel like Indian films and their makers are all in on the joke and pushing the boundaries of action absurdity is part of the whole gig....contrast with , CCP backed films that literally believe their message.

1/25/21 12:30PM

He’s made an asshole because it fits the general CCP narrative that all foreigners (especially the white variety) are racists out to keep the patriotic Chinese down. It’s basically reverse of the local developing country warlord used in Western films, except far more’s basically a government Read more

12/17/20 12:14PM

His IMDB profile indicates a 4-5 year project gap between 2014-2019/20....but now looks like he’s been working steadily for the past year.

11/19/20 11:55AM

The names Hartmann and Palmer desperately require the Santorum treatment. 

10/30/20 12:15PM

As of now, there isn’t. Posters like Capeman are exactly how this kind of fake shit gets proliferation. Read more

10/30/20 12:14PM

It’s NOT verified.  Posters like Capeman are exactly how this kind of fake shit gets proliferation. 

10/26/20 2:47PM

The Frakes gimmick account is the best thing to ever have graced the AVClub. Read more

10/26/20 2:45PM

I agree - I’ve never like that character. I can see how some relate to the character, and that’s fine, but to me, it’s a bag of millennial clichés combined with early 21st century colloquialisms and language. Read more

6/19/20 12:15PM

And Burt Ward claims he banged every. last. one.

6/12/20 1:39PM

Then of course you have the martyr parents who seemingly WANT their kid to get an “on the spectrum” diagnosis.” Read more

5/29/20 12:26PM

Steve Guttenberg has always embodied the 80's for me. I mean, the dude’s been ‘working’ pretty steadily the past 40 years, but really, his career basically begins and ends in the 80's. 

4/28/20 12:02PM

Ah Supercop - probably the last time you’ll see Chan beat up PRC Guards. Read more

4/03/20 12:31PM

No matter how many times I watch Jedi, that Death Star run by Wedge and Lando still blows my mind in terms of special effects...especially when they are running along the unfinished, in-construction surface before flying into the superstructure. This is 1983, and it holds up as good, if not better, than anything Read more