Avery Yang
Aug 22 2018

Be sure to hang around for the post-game song (team song? school song? National song?) that the winning team sings. It’s deeply intense. 

Aug 22 2018

we really enjoyed rooting for Kanano in Taiwan for the Koshien finals, especially since Kanano was the first agriculture high school to make the Koshien finals since Taiwan’s Kano did in 1931. They played only 9 players throughout the tournament. Their story is just pure shonen manga

Aug 22 2018

This clip is made even better by the fact that both teams have fucking fantastic uniforms. 

Aug 16 2018

He somehow looks like both an 8-year old bully and a single man in his late 50s.

Aug 7 2018

Avery, was this your first DS blog using “dick and balls”? I think maybe so - congrats if it is! 

Aug 6 2018

Barter 6 still the hottest shit on the streets, this many years after. Don’t @ me bro

Aug 6 2018

Aug ‘18 best Deadspin post so far. Last month of summer tho is a long & unpleasant one so we’ll see who wins writer’s trophy.

Jul 27 2018

In all seriousness, thank fucking god someone can finally just enjoy a fun MLS game around here. 

Jul 19 2018

It’s no surprise that a guy who couldn’t read defenses also can’t read basic scientific facts.