Thursday 2:55PM

I am really surprised that there hasn’t been some form revival of Thundarr the Barbarian, somebody needs to do it (although I fear it would be some sort of cynical parody take on it instead of a sincere attempt with a modern storytelling style that I want to see)

Thursday 2:27PM

You have no idea how much Thundarr has been on my mind the past couple of months. I would love to see either CN or Max take a stab at a new series. 

Thursday 2:19PM

Looks perfect! Now maybe the man babies will stop coming for the humans who like the She-Ra reboot. Cuz, you know, it wasn’t really for the over 40 male nerd set anyway.

Thursday 12:19PM

I loved that they used ‘I Need a Hero’, a great song from another great 80s movie;

Wednesday 3:59PM

In the timeline, Loki’s turning point is his role in Frigga’s death, an event that happens half an hour into his first post-Avengers appearance and shatters his emotional walls. Without it, he’s kind of stuck in this regressive space for several movies’ worth of screentime absent any personal relationships and with no Read more

Wednesday 12:37PM

I was suprised — pleasantly so — that Loki found this out so soon. So now you have to wonder what the other L-variant knows.

Wednesday 3:26AM

Yeah, it really brings it to another level. Others of the same sort who come to mind is obviously Hugh Jackman and Wolverine, and a “little” lesser known James Woods and Hades. Read more

Wednesday 1:09AM

its so nice seeing actors like Tom who revel in their character and relish the lore. Then you have actors like Paltrow who phone it in and don’t even remember which movie they are in. To her its just a paycheck unfortunately, but to Tom its more important than that. We need more actors like Tom!