Wednesday 8:44PM

Serious question - Where are all the films and TV shows JJ was supposed to produce for WB for that 1/2 billion dollar deal?

Wednesday 8:41PM

It appears Kevin Feige is removing the MCU from being in the Marvel (Entertainment aka Marvel Comics) multiverse with the number of 199999 to create a new MCU Multiverse (MCUM) that can possibly include every live action Marvel production (TV and films) ever made. Read more

6/11/21 11:53AM

There are some signs this is changing a little. If you look at their physical shape/stature these women (Ronda Rousey, Gina Carano, Frankie Adams <from The Expanse>) look like they will beat you up, take a few hits, and then beat you up, again. Read more

6/09/21 10:27PM

Oh NO! If Loki blows them up, it will create a ... (drumroll) Multiverse of Madness!

6/07/21 7:28PM

So ... are we not going to talk about Bryan Fuller’s “Mockingbird Lane”?

6/04/21 10:33PM

HA! I can’t give you enough stars for pointing this out!

5/30/21 7:22PM

I don’t mind film releases going to streaming services, but I can’t wrap my head around the fact some companies never make a simple phone call! It’s just not worth the bad press and lawsuits to blindside your creative partners. Read more

5/25/21 3:16PM

That’s an excellent idea! And now I’m thinking one of them for my car, back in the before-times, I could easily lose my car in a large parking garage.

5/21/21 9:19PM

That’s why we need DC to succeed. We win when Marvel and DC are competing. After all, DC did have the 1st Academy Award winning film (Suicide Squad, <shivers> brrrrrr, I still can’t get over that) and they had the first Female led hero film (Wonder Woman, who should have cracked a billion). Read more

5/17/21 3:40PM

Oh well, since everyone else is throwing their $0.02 into the pool, here’s mine: Read more