Feb 15 2018

I hope a bucket of paint falls off a ladder and lands upside-down on your head and gets stuck there and you stumble around with a paint-bucket on your head and crash into a ladder and fall down a manhole.

Feb 15 2018

I’m gonna go with she didn’t have time to research her facts because she just watched her friends get blown away and her life was just changed forever.

Feb 15 2018

When you woke up this morning, did you think of yourself as someone who would call the teenaged survivor of a mass shooting a liar on the internet, or are you surprised to learn that about yourself?

Jan 25 2016

Thank God Batman v Superman will likely be going over Batman’s origin. I’ve yet to see it in any other movie, tv, or video game adaptation.

Oct 15 2015

“Cristiano, I want to apologize for my agent’s statements. The truth is I hate you with the blazing heat of a Toledo summer. With the nuclear fire of the core of the Sun. There is truly no word in English, Spanish, Catalan, or Basque that truly captures the level of my hatred of you. My agent misrepresented that, and Read more

Mar 21 2015

I thought it was something different and fresh at its time. Sadly it was victim of the tv film strike. :-o

Mar 20 2015

Ugh, I have to use words to explain things like a literate person capable of conveying ideas through letters and syntax? Sigh.

Mar 20 2015

The only thing with the Tron name that was:
1. Well written and character driven
2. Actually about Tron!!!

Mar 18 2015

I feel truly sorry for you that you are so cool that you can't enjoy how wonderful this story is.

Mar 10 2015

Drama, drama. Tempest in a teapot, mate. I'm not sure why we (society) feel the need to crucify people, famous or not, when they make a high-profile fuckup. We're all guilty of bad behavior. Clarkson IS Top Gear. So it's simple: private apology, public apology, and let the law handle the further consequences of his Read more

Mar 10 2015

Actually, Top Gear USA proved that you can match the quality and draw the same loyal viewership without Clarkson in the lead role. Read more

Mar 10 2015

Actually, Top Gear, The Stig, and almost everything else on the program are almost directly his creations. Therefor, anyone who thinks they can just keep it going without him can go screw themselves. That's like the Tesla board voting to fire Elon Musk and continue on with the company.