Dan Ralls
1:56 PM

Sounds like Admiral Jazzy Pants is just thinking about himself instead of what’s good for the company.

1:55 PM

Unlimited PTO is just a way of eliminating employees asking to use their vacation days. More often than not Unlimited policies lead to a decrease in vacation day usage overall, and increase in working while on those days off for those that do take them.

Its just a big way for the employer to screw the employee while Read more

1:52 PM

You don’t owe your company shit. Take your time off. If they can’t find someone to fill your role while you’re gone that’s entirely their problem. If they threaten to fire you for taking the time off then you shouldn’t want to work for them anyway as they apparently do not respect you or your personal life.

4:59 PM

Another way to be a good neighbor to a family with mixed status is to be willing to be a part of their emergency plan. Ask if there are any phone numbers to call if you notice ICE activity at their house (lawyers, friends/family who will take custody of the children, etc.). If there is no plan, and it is an Read more

3:19 PM

And guardianship papers! Please PLEASE PLEASE get something written up so that your US born kids can go to an aunt or uncle or grandma or whoever you wants and NOT into the foster system where some ICE agents have been leaving them.

2:28 AM

Veteran cop here...

This article is dead on. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it, which is rare. Often, even so called professional attorneys (defense and prosecuting) are clueless so this was a refreshing change and the advise spot on.

Why would I be happy to see something like this? Because frankly my damn job is Read more

5:53 PM

Does it have to be an attorney I call, or can it be my wife or mom (who ever picks up first) so that *they* can take the time to find a good criminal defense lawyer? I’m ok chilling in a holding cell for a few hours if it means I don’t have to let police anywhere near my locked phone (so that they can “let” me look up Read more

4:25 PM

Don’t talk to the cops is very important. You may think they want to know the truth. Nope. Often they just want statements they can use against YOU, so tell them nothing. So much of their evidence comes from your own mouth. Even if you’re innocent, or think you’re innocent, or if a judge would eventually find you Read more

3:26 PM

They have a couple of days (varies by jurisdiction) to hold you before you either have to be charged with a specific crime or released. So they often will arrest you and decide what the charges are later as they investigate. Read more

3:10 PM

Really, as a black guy, and a lawyer, even if you aren’t white, your best bet is just to completely physically submit to the arrest and not say a word apart from “lawyer” until you see one.

3:04 PM

Ask around a lot. You may not know any criminal lawyers, and you may not know anyone who has used a criminal lawyer, but you, or one of your friends went to school with/has a cousin/lives next door to a local lawyer who can recommend someone. Read more

3:02 PM

As a prosecuting attorney, dear-fucking-god DO NOT talk to cops. Every time you speak, you make my job easier; my job isn’t supposed to be easy - that’s why the burden is beyond a reasonable doubt. When you admit to selling heroin to that junkie you just proved my case for me. Read more

4:37 PM

And Niantic did a pretty good job of not only providing legal disclaimers in its terms—which we’ll discuss below—but also a prominent warning when the app loads, admonishing you to “Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.” It’s almost like they don’t want you to get hit by a car.

4:12 PM

Why did Netflix remove The Money Pit from its library and does it have a legal (moral?) obligation to give us—on-demand, and at a reasonable flat rate—the unsurpassed on-screen chemistry of Shelley Long and Tom Hanks? Read more

4:02 PM

Just wait until these augmented reality games are on VR headsets. We’ll all be wandering into traffic but the traffic will have wrecked five miles back because they’re playing Need for Speed: Go on their VR headsets.