Ashley Reese
Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.
Nov 24

The election really handed the Biden administration a win in that they can blame (at best) a slim majority in the Senate for not doing anything about immigration. Basically any “shortcoming” they can blame on the GOP not wanting to play ball rather than their own fealty to neoliberalism. Crossing an imaginary line Read more

Nov 7

White Democrats: “Women of color, we see, you, we hear you, we are eternally grateful. We owe everything to women of color. I grovel at your feet.” Read more

Nov 5

I agree with Ashley, Shiv voted for Biden. We know her work history prior leaving politics (her last two clients were stand ins for Harris and Sanders) and her general distaste for the political bent of family’s media empire. She’s not a true believer/ally in progressive causes but being the Quasi-Woke Roy is Read more

Oct 22

I’ve been think a lot lately about how much my generation (35 year old millennial) was fed lies growing up. We were taught that the world was fair, that hard work was all that was needed, that there was a place for everyone and no one gets left behind. I still believed that until this decade. I think the single Read more

Oct 15

My Barron. My freakishly tall Barron. He’s very tall. And immune. My immune Barron. He’s very immune. Like me, and Melania. We’re all very immune.

Oct 14

Oh, come on. The guy cravenly panders to whomever is in front of him. He was a hood ornament when he was a single term governor in Massachusetts and the state legislature ignored him for his entire administration. Why? because they didn’t need him. Anything he vetoed was quickly overturned. He just got to play a fancy Read more

Oct 13

it looks great. people really hate any kind of design change and will rage about it. the only thing i’d like to request is a “more posts” link in the latest section so i can see all the latest posts before they’ve been organized into their sections. great job, design team!

Oct 13

Awesome! it’s been a while since Jez had a design update that everyone could complain about. You know what? I don’t hate it. There have been past redesigns that were much harder to get used to. This one is fine. It’s fine. Read more

Oct 8

Yeah I never get the “Imagine” things that are always about him doing unbelievably cutesy things or reliably defending what’s usually “Y/N” (your name I guess though I always read it as “yes/no”). Like, he was hot and he had some funny lines but even him at his most nice in the films like the end of Ragnorak he’d be a Read more

Oct 8

Oh yeah, I’ve definitely seen those arguments before, and I just hope that none of those people are/were teachers themselves, because he’s really just awful at teaching.

Oct 8

I never saw Snape ‘revel’ in abuse - rather he was just a strict teacher with a ‘dark past’ that haunted him through rumors. Read more

Oct 8

For real- the man was so unnecessarily cruel- it’s one thing to keep a low profile and hold a grudge, but he was Neville’s boggart. The kid literally lost his parents to insanity by Death Eaters and endured crippling low self esteem, but it’s SNAPE who represents his biggest fear. I think it says a lot :/