Ashley Reese
Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.
4:25 PM

I’m so glad y’all got in touch with Alice M/ u/Ebbie45 for this post. That woman is a goddamn national treasure and has probably saved literally hundreds of lives via reddit. 

1:04 PM

I don’t even have a witty comment but I really needed a laugh this morning. Thank you Ashley, Shannon, and Esther!

4:05 PM

And yet, he’s the candidate we have, regardless of what we want. And unlike beef, you can’t just wrap Joe Biden up in cellophane and stick him in a freezer in hopes that you can defrost him come October. Biden is supposed to beat Donald Trump. And Donald Trump isn’t going to go easy on Joe. Read more

7:13 PM

My mom regards AOC as some rebellious, mouthy teenager who “needs a spanking for all that back talk she’s made on Pelosi,” and I’m like she’s an adult woman, representing her convictions and constituents. She’s no different than the men who serve in Congress. My mom’s opinion is similar to her parenting style: Read more

5:46 PM

My grandmother was worried I would turn out to be gay because, like, my mom let me wear a beret or something when I was 4. My dad was convinced Trump couldn’t win, no matter how hard I tried to explain it to him, and has been surprised that some of his white friends turned out to be shitty ass Trumpsters. A bunch of Read more

5:44 PM

I think when anyone wants to deify a group of people, it just shows that they actually don’t have much exposure to them. The more you’re around people of all types the more you see them as just... people.

5:38 PM

There seems to be an idea that older voters in general hold that the candidate who appears to be in the exact middle of all the candidates on both sides is by default the best candidate. I have had any number of older relatives and acquaintances happily identify Biden as that candidate to me. “He’s right in the Read more

2:52 PM

I stumbled onto an “erotic” Elizabeth Warren x Rick Santorum fic the other day and I feel worse for knowing it exists. This seems better, honestly.

2:07 PM

his origin story—as repeated by him over and over again—is ready-made for this fandom’s frenetic nerd energy, something that feels like a The West Wing superfan mixed with someone who had a very aggressive Hamilton phase Read more

9:20 AM

Former co-worker who is a FB friend (not sure why, he’s a rabid Trumper) posted something gloating about how strange it was that Obama endorsed Bloomberg, not Biden. So whatever Mike is doing, it’s working.

6:14 AM

There was a commercial of his on last night, and that audio was so cut up, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bloomberg had Obama read a bunch of random words for him to recut to sound like an endorsement.

6:00 PM

 His ads keep popping up on Spanish tv every day ALL DAY. If I hear one more “Yo soy Michael Bloomberg y apruebo este mensaje” I’m going to throw something at the TV.