Ashley Reese
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1:50 PM

I feel this in my soul. Talking to my fellow white people my age (early 30s) about racism can be like beating my head against concrete. 

3:42 PM

Wow, the marriage and breakup part of their relationship was during my freshman year of college. I don’t know why I would have guessed it was later than that.... Probably just remembering E! or VH1 reminiscing years later. Now that I think about it, I was definitely in high school when that pink bikini butt music video Read more

6:13 PM

A much simpler way to address this: if Harris couldn’t deal with a relatively innocuous and not-entirely inaccurate meme, how on earth could she have dealt with Trump? Read more

5:57 PM

He’s always had rock influences. More than most mainstream hip hop artists.

9:53 PM

Ashley Reese, bringing that amazing shit as always. Familiar nu-metal but presented in a totally new way. WOW.

Maria Sherman, re: Gabbie Hanna and Weaves, what an successful FOUR minutes of combined music those two videos brought. And the irony is not lost on me at least that you ripped Broken Girls a new one and then Read more

6:44 AM

Tbh as an English person I’ve always been lowkey jealous you have Hot Topic, because yeah there’s no real places here you can easily indulge in like gothic/punk/emo stuff or like random merch
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11:10 PM

I always like Kelly Osbourne, although many in the punk community totally shit on her. I also really miss that old Hot Topic look. I went to a mall for the first time in years, and was shocked that Hot Topic was still a thing. However, their current styles are just kind of meh, in my opinion. Way too many nerd Read more

6:03 PM

I mean I loved her version of Papa Don’t Preach, and remember having he Orbourne family CD and only listening to that song on repeat.  She was popular.

4:53 PM

If you like that one...maybe you’ll like this! Kelly had to pay a cut of her royalties because the songs were so similar.

4:09 PM

Ahhhhh I’m gonna be honest, I always had a soft spot for her and I’m glad because now I’m raising a kid that is very much like Kelly, haha. But yeah I love watching her show up for stuff because quite honestly she has been making solid, smart fashion choices for a long time now. Nice little progression, I think.

3:32 PM

From my memory - and background: I’m someone who grew up a little after Black Sabbath was famous but when Ozzy was considered a legend. I think, at first people had this curiosity about Ozzy’s kids because....what on earth would offspring of Ozzy Fucking Osborne possibly be like? This was a man who was rumored to Read more

3:23 PM

She made a whole album that was really great from this era. Suburbia is a great track.

2:51 PM

Somewhere there’s a picture of late middle school me wearing JNCOs, a black crop top tank, probably 5+ necklaces made out of hemp, ball bearings, and/or rainbow paperclips, glitter body gel on my cheeks, lime green nail polish (before nail art made having nails other than nude, pink, or red socially acceptable) and Read more

2:14 PM

I’m the same age as Kelly. I don’t think I even thought of her as idol status and I wasn’t really interested in her music. But I was definitely a fan of her aesthetic and her fuck you personality. I have good memories of watching the first seasons of The Osbournes with my dad.

6:55 AM

Agreed. If someone is naturally adopting a different accent, I wouldn’t expect them to seem like they are having to concentrate to use that accent. Madonna seemed like she would be focusing on trying to use an RP accent, but then drop the accent when her focus slipped.
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2:11 PM

You accidentally sounded like a French person and you're from Tennessee???

3:20 PM

I believe the idea behind AOC mentioning she has to use CHIP as a child is that if we had a proper health care system that wasn’t for profit and everyone had access to get the care they need CHIP wouldn’t be needed. CHIP does a good thing but it shouldn’t be needed because access to health care should be a basic human Read more