Ashley Reese
Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.
Jul 31

He’s doing p well! It’s been a terrible 12 months: chemo, surgery, then more chemo, but the visible signs of cancer were successfully removed and now we’re just hoping for the best moving forward. It’s a very rare cancer esp for someone his age, but he’s back to exercising, his appetite is huge, and aside from being Read more

Jul 30

They think we’re stupid. Cancer treatments have long term impacts on the body that can certainly weaken it, but unless you’re actually undergoing chemo treatment or something, having had cancer in the past is not going to have a huge impact on increasing your chances of getting covid-19 like diabetes, heart probs, Read more

Jul 30

This man survived stage 4 colon cancer and died after trying to cape for President Trump. He really blew a lead, just wild.

Jul 17

Hey, uh, can you shoot me an email at This is wild!

Jul 8

idk I don’t make coffee, my boyfriend does lol. whatever grinder it is seems to serve his needs though

Jul 8

This is about new purchases! We already own a grinder! Why would it be in the post lol.

Jul 8

I don’t know how I’ve lived here for four years with a little tiny handheld vac that could barely suck up hair. Truly a game changer.

Jul 1

If McGrath loses (again) then these same people are going to be like “well, the reason is that she wasn’t moderate enough.” Dems will be willing to accept an anti-choice bigot as a candidate as long as they believe in climate change just to try to beat a Republican.