Ashley Ray-Harris
5:50 PM

Over-enunciating is a common tactic trans women use to make sure their voices don’t get them clocked, though. It feels like a performance, because, in a way, it is: it’s carefully crafted over-enunciation. Elektra sounds like a lot of my trans femme friends. I’ve heard a lot of people criticize Elektra’s delivery, but

3:06 PM

Black women are having these conversations on twitter, on their own TV I said, it might feel raw if you aren’t that familiar with black women. But, yknow, the “cheating black husband/suffering wife” narrative took off after Lemonade. It’s been done and here we just get it again, but more guarded. 

11:07 AM

also it’s hard to feel the warmth between Jerrod and any of the women when you literally don’t know their names or how they’re related to him! We only know his mom!

11:06 AM

I didn’t and he doesn’t. It has as much impact in the special as it does written out here. That seems to be the only part twitter felt was meme-worthy, so it’s hardly a spoiler. 

11:04 AM

Honestly, what was riveting? finding out his mom was cheated on and she stayed? that’s very common and jerrod never pushes to learn more about her personal story so it never goes deeper than the surface. was him admitting he’s slept with men riveting? i guess it could’ve been except no one cared, his mom doesn’t say

12:27 PM

They’ve done the same thing in finance. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them face charges for breaking Fair Lending practices. 

1:04 PM

Yup. The STD epidemic and I think they saw all the stuff Frank was stealing from families

3:03 PM

I want Liam to stay gone. The best thing they ever did was just quietly moving Liam into a black family. I was shocked Liam didn’t bring up how fucking ridiculous it is to make a child pay rent. That alone should be enough of a reason for him to leave. If he has to pay to live there, he should be free to live

1:04 PM

YES! That was something I thought was totally overlooked. There were influencers and production people who actually got houses, but clearly those contracts weren’t honored. I wonder if they were protected by Airbnb or HomeAway or something. 

4:01 PM

Yeah, I guess I just wanted more info there. It was nice that they spotlighted a few people, but this took place during one of the busiest holiday weekends there. It seems like the impact would be bigger.  

1:01 PM

The cultural angle Fyre Fraud tries to peddle was so annoying to me. I also grew up with the internet and I’m a millennial. It has not turned me into a scammer. It takes them almost 50 minutes to even say the word “white.” This guy didn’t fail upwards because he’s a millennial, he was able to pull this off because of

7:55 AM

Like, the whole first season was just “let’s just flashback to murders that happened decades ago in this one house”

8:54 AM

If you’d like to read my previous reviews, I said I was wrong about Lawrence and the only way it would’ve been bad is if they rushed to have him and Issa get back together. They didn’t do that so his storyline has been great.

11:45 AM

Where did I say anything about Girls? I want them to like, give storylines enough time to grow and reach a conclusion. A lot of balls get left in the air when you only get 8 episodes. 

8:29 PM

Walking into someone’s apartment without their permission isn’t minor. Refusing to give someone their house keys back when they ask isn’t minor. Blatantly ignoring someone saying “hey, this only works for me if we just fuck, please don’t call me like a friend” and doing it anyway isn’t minor. Those are all red flags

8:26 PM

Yes, but after, they had a conversation about whether they’d date a bi guy and Molly firmly said no.

11:19 PM

It was so kathy bates’ character could take his place as a purple. she was a grey.