Arturo Fuente is not dying to re-open the economy
Apr 29

She’s asymptomatic, so she’s the one giving other people the prizes....

Apr 22

We have never been at war with Oceania. We have always been at war with Oceania.

Apr 21

“...was disturbed by how racism and white supremacy were embedded within the highest levels of leadership.

Apr 21

I’m shocked that a company who’s name was a joke about how Asians can’t pronounce the letter ‘L’ would have racist employees, shocked I say.

Apr 16

Not for a non-Republican. If you’re a Republican, lies, slander, and ignorance are what get you elected. 

Apr 14

Don’t forget those idiot preachers that don’t listen because they must have some monies from their parishoners. 

Apr 10

It’s probably good a time to start taking modern monetary theory (MMT) seriously given that trillions and trillions are needed for emergency support and economic stimulus on top of an existing $23 trillion federal debt and continuous deficit spending. Also, it might be a good time to suggest that republicans have

Apr 10

What an empty headed one gloved reverse Michael jackson peanut headed swamp raised gator wrestling mangrove eating beer pong addled spring broke dumbass motherfucker.

Apr 10

He’s not Dumb, he’s a LIAR. Stop making excuses for these scumbags

Apr 8

Write this article but from the perspective of how when playing as the British Empire and Commonwealth forces you’re nearly always in an entirely White army despite the Empire being predominantly made up of Asian and African peoples or how no campaign ending ever has “and by jove, who cares if Bengal starved and Read more