5/28/21 10:48AM

That’s even better.  If it’s a military cargo plane, the doors can locked so the pricks can’t get into the flight deck.  Though it would be hilarious to watch them try to fly a plane.

5/28/21 10:44AM

My lady friend has often talked about how Trump stoked hatred and anger in this country. I’ve always downplayed it, because while I believe he has done that with the MAGA crowd and the racists, I didn’t think one person, even POTUS, could get average Americans so angry at each other. I might be wrong.

5/18/21 11:25AM

A pickle fork can be great. Despite the name, you can use it with any number of things; I’m not sure it would even qualify as a unitasker.

4/13/21 1:35PM

Could happen, but there are a few distinct differences between The Ambassador and the Dome. I worked on a short film that shot in The Ambassador during it’s last days, and that place needed WORK if it was ever going to function as anything other than a creepy shooting location ever again. Read more

2/08/21 2:48PM

I wonder if this is how it feels to have a shitty ex because part of me wants to see the twitter shitshow and part of me is appreciating the mental health benefits of not having to think about him anymore.

1/28/21 3:51AM

N.K. Jemisin had a great Twitter thread about this subject a couple of years back. I can’t find it right now, but to summarize, her point was that lots of people miss the point about sci-fi stories that try to allegorize prejudice or racism via fantasy minorities. Lots of bigots will watch or read those allegories and Read more

1/28/21 1:36AM

Well there was that time in the early 2000's when the fandom nearly drove Ahmed Best to suicide. To fair that was over hatred of the character and not racism. Not exactly non-toxic and this was before the Internet was the social force it is today. Read more

1/28/21 1:00AM

I’m someone who doesn’t like the sequel trilogy. But my dislike is rooted in the writing. I can’t say much out loud though, without being lumped in with the racist/sexist bigots who dislike the sequels because they’re racist/sexist bigots. Bastiches are even ruining genuine discourse over how to dislike something, Read more

1/27/21 11:24PM

Trolls are really, really bad at actually creating things. Check the various attempts by Comics Gaters to make comics. Actually making a new thing is hard, shitting all over existing work is easy. And we already have certain “troll anointed” works, just look how fast the SW bashers trot out their supposed love of Read more

7/07/20 4:43PM

I’d imagine it has everything to do with wanting all of the power, but none of the responsibility. If you’re just a big powerful ego on set, you sort of decide when and where you want to step up. When you’re actually the director, dozens of people are coming up to you every day wanting answers and clarification, and Read more

10/25/19 12:23AM

The vagina doesn’t need to be stretched prior to first intercourse -- what it needs is to be excited and lubricated. I’m all for women (and men, and anyone) choosing to have penetrative sex for the first time by themselves with a safe and quality sex toy, but that should be about exploration and pleasure, not some Read more

4/23/19 1:29PM

Their toxic culture bleeds into their television programming hardcore. Moonves’s target audience is clearly aging white male Boomer & his fingerprints are still on nearly every show.

3/24/19 3:11PM

GOOPers don’t use Pap smears. They hold their Jade Eggs up to the moonlight.

2/26/19 11:53AM

worked in a bookstore in the 90's. We sold a few CD’s, so we were encouraged to play them. If I ever hear Enya or Manheim Steamroller again, I’m gonna burn something.