4/13/21 6:32PM

Best-case scenario as far as I’m concerned is if they got some ambitious streamer to buy and maintain the Cineramadome, like Netflix and the Egyptian. I don’t know that anyone’s going to want to invest in multiplexes at this point, but even if they condo/first-floor retail the Arclight theatres, I’d hate to see the Read more

4/13/21 12:09PM

Disney has owned and operated the historic El Capitan theatre about a mile away from the Cinerama Dome. I can’t complain too much, as they’ve done a lovely restoration job. The Egyptian, another Hollywood “movie palace”, has been bought by Netflix. Read more

4/13/21 12:04PM

I don’t know - a few miles away is the former site of the Ambassador Hotel, which is where RFK was assassinated. I believe that also had a historical landmark designation. After LAUSD bought the site they were told they couldn’t knock it down, or if they did, they would have to preserve a large percentage of it, with Read more

4/02/21 7:35PM

I’m about your age, and I don’t remember a lot of dress code fooferaw in my (mostly white) suburban high school. Certainly no concern over the angle of a cheerleaders spankies. And I know exactly what velour/terry cloth onesies you’re talking about, but those were more jr. high for me, and in a heavily Mormon area, Read more

3/23/21 4:31PM

Oof, I so relate to your post. I’m less cynical about his role (all corporate job titles for anyone not a cube drone are pure bullshit anyway) than I am about the startup. Sounds like more Silicon Valley Techbro Pyramid Scheme to me. Are there psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, counselors involved? Or is a Read more

3/22/21 3:52PM

Oh god, you are describing where I lived for nearly two decades. The election where the proposition to increase the amount of space required by law for battery hens passed, and the proposition to permit discussions of rent control failed was the end of the line for me. I couldn’t stand to be surrounded by so-called Read more

1/28/21 12:23PM

Right?! There are things I adore in the new trilogy, and things I despise. The second film had some of the best concepts that have been brought into Star Wars (Anyone can have the force. Heroes can make mistakes and learn from them, life doesn’t always turn out how you want as you age, but there’s still work you can Read more

1/28/21 12:13PM

I also grew up in SW fandom, and capital-F Fandom has baffled and disappointed me since the prequels. I had been so looking forward to finally having group conversations with my “tribe”, regardless of our geographical location, and then... Read more

10/25/19 1:58AM

Mormons are taught that masturbation is EVIL and DIRTY, just like pre-marital sex is EVIL and DIRTY. Somehow they the EVIL, DIRTY, BARELY FORGIVABLE, EQUAL TO MURDER sex becomes magically OK once the right words are said in the right temple. Molly Mormons and Peter Priesthoods are absolutely not prepared Read more

5/06/19 6:12PM

There is no “Identity” in “Identity Politics” stronger that Old White Dude.

4/25/19 1:26PM

When I was a kid, my parents worked hard and sacrificed to put a roof over our heads. Between the both of them, they were able to buy a starter home in Utah, complete with a big garden in the back, where we grew most of the veggies we ate. Being Mormons, they were also big on canning and food storage. Read more

4/24/19 2:30PM

This is pretty much my plan as well. I find their strategy highly exploitative. They want their liberal, sci-fi loving, diverse viewers to pony up the $$ to subscribe to their niche product so that we can bankroll their sexist, racist trash.

4/23/19 2:07PM

Yes! The fact that their network programming is either racist, sexist, or both is a big reason I refuse to sign up for CBS All Access, despite the presence of Star Trek Discovery, the upcoming Michelle Yeoh spin-off, and Picard - not to mention Twilight Zone. Why should I pay extra money to bankroll a racist, sexist Read more

3/27/19 1:05PM

It was called Byetta. Two years ago I was actually diagnosed with diabetes. The new doc never even considered an injectible or new drug. Dietary changes, metformin and hormonal bc seem to take care of the blood sugar just fine. The rest of the PCOS symptoms? No one seems to care.

3/25/19 12:05PM

Yes. My last endocrinologist told me that PCOS makes you fat around the middle, and also, being fat around the middle is a cause of all other PCOS symptoms, so I should try being less fat around the middle. Then he offered me a fraudulent diabetes dx so my insurance would pay for a fancy new Read more

3/22/19 2:07PM

Jesus, for all their “founder” talks about some vague endocrine issue she was having, it doesn’t seem like they can treat anything. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned with my host of endocrine-related lady problems, any naturopath, touchy-feeley fake healer is just going to tell me I need to be less fat, through Read more

2/26/19 11:58AM

I worked in a mall bookstore in the late 90's. The music was dictated by corporate, and had to be something we could sell. As it was a small store that only sold books, we were generally limited to tapes (tapes!!!) of Disney soundtracks. One month was the Hunchback soundtrack, and as bad as it was to listen to day Read more

1/23/19 12:05PM

I’m guessing so that everyone knows that she was cognizant of her assault. There are plenty of jerks around who don’t think rape is “as bad” if the victim is unconscious through it.

12/19/18 7:52PM

A similar thing happened to a friend, alhtough it didn’t go as far as cancer. Her nurse practitioner gave her lectures about how big a piece of chicken counted as a serving... 80 lbs later, a new doc hit her on the knee with that little rubber mallet, frowned, and ordered a cheap-ass thyroid panel. Lo and behold, a Read more

12/19/18 7:48PM

Fits into Lane Bryant clothes. That counts as visually “fat” to me. When Melissa McCarthy was on Gilmore Girls, most of were wardrobe came from Anthropologie. That’s “TV Fat” - eg, we can’t see all your bones, you heifer. Actual fat, meaning can’t shop at the Gap, relegated to the Fat Lady department by the baby Read more